Win In The Molfix Diaper Changing Competition

Every mother’s love for their baby is expressed by special care. Molfix will be there at every stage of your baby’s growth and will add joy and love to the world of baby products.

All mums agree that ‘A happy baby equates a happy Mum’. At Molfix Diapers, we believe that babies are the leaders of tomorrow and keeping them happy and free goes a long way in fostering their development. Our diapers guarantee these and so much more because of its anatomic structure and other features.

So, be a smart mum by using the right diapers! Get Molfix diapers for your precious babies now and join the Molfix family.

To reward you for purchasing and using Molfix diapers for your child, we have an exciting competition where winners would win 1 month worth supply of Molfix diapers.

To participate, we would like you to fill this survey below first and share why you love Molfix diapers on your baby(ies) with other new and expectant mothers.

Enter Into The Diaper Changing photo contest

  • Upload a picture of you changing your baby’s Molfix diaper on any of these three social media platforms of yours, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • The picture must show the pack of the Molfix diapers by the side.
  • Describe the photo by stating why you love Molfix diaper on your baby
  • Use the #Molfixbaby and tag @MamaletteNG @MolfixNigeria
  • The pictures with the highest number of likes wins.

Here’s 7 reasons why you should use Molfix diapers on your baby:

Molfix diapers have;

  • Special Umbilical Cord Notch, which seats below your newborns umbilical cord, allowing it to be aerated and heal properly. Available only in newborn (size 1)
  • Extra absorbent green layer, soaking up all your baby’s pee
  • Leak-proof barriers, to prevent leakages of any sort
  • Super elastic side bands, giving your baby freedom of movement and also allows the diaper adjust to your baby’s changing tummy size as they feed. No need to re-adjust
  • Breathable back sheet, allowing free flow of air and prevent diaper rash
  • Soft Top sheet, which is friendly with your baby’s skin and very comfortable too
  • Colorful designs, to give your little one’s wardrobe some zing!

Molfix diapers are available in 5 sizes – Newborn, Mini, Midi, Maxi & Junior.

See the terms and conditions.

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It’s that simple……

Read more to learn how to participate in the competition.

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