Why Kids Are Afraid Of Staying Alone In The Dark

If your kids are afraid of the dark and you want to calm their fears, read this. Do you ever wonder why you can’t leave your kids in the dark for just 2 seconds and not come back to meet them calling for mommy at the top of their voice. And if you try to send them on an errand in the dark, forget it, no amount of beating will make them go.

Most kids have a fear of the unknown when they are in the dark even though they’ve not actually seen a monster, their imaginative mind conjure it up.

At some point in our lives, we are afraid. Fear is normal, and a necessary emotion which sends us the signal to be careful. It is the feeling of fear that puts us on high alert.

When kids are playing, they play creepy, and sometimes they watch some movies that gets lodged in their subconscious and the images come alive in the dark.

Also, parents have the habit of scaring children with Ojuju and things like that, with time your children will start believing those things really exist, then when they are in the dark, they’ll imagine those things hurting them.

Our brains are made to use the little information we have to connect dots and create a narrative to explain things that we really don’t understand. Most movie on TV provide content in such a way that’ll shock and surprise the viewers. Meanwhile, when kids are exposed to such media, they might be anxious and their sense of dread will make them feel insecure when they are in the dark.

When your child express a fear of the dark when it’s time to sleep, this is the best time to help them work on that fear, with time, their fear of the dark will collapse.

What to do;

Make it known to them that they are safe. Whisper into their ears “you’re safe baby, mummy will not let anything harm you” When children feel unsafe, they’ll have a huge fear of the dark.

  • Ask questions about why they are scared. While holding your child, tell them they are safe but you need to know why they are scared.
  • Help them take control, tell your child to say empowering words that shows they aren’t scared of the monster in the dark. The easier way is to tell them there’s no monster but since they won’t believe that. Make them, send the monster away “Go away monster/ojuju! And don’t come back until I say so”
  • Teach your child how to pray and send the monsters into the lake of fire, start first “Go monster, burn in hell” ….. Something to assure your child.
  • Feed them before sending them to sleep, sugary foods, cheese and diary products are perfect.
  • Watch what your kids watch. Do not let them watch scary movies and don’t let them see sad news.
  • Finally, encourage your child to talk about their fears, and look for ways to eliminate the fear.
  • Create a bedtime ritual. A warm or cold bath, a sweet bedtime story, and a good night kiss will soothe your little one to sleep.

Mamalette! How do you banish fear of the dark from your child? Share your experience with us! Post your comments below.

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10 Schools for Children With Special Needs In Nigeria

Many parents with children with special needs struggle with what school to put their children in.

Some are ashamed of having to put them in schools with other children with special needs and some don’t even have an idea these schools exist let alone or where they are located.

The truth is, children who have physical, emotional or learning differences may struggle in traditional academic settings. Some children have difficulty staying focused, others find it hard to communicate either in writing or orally, and some children struggle to get along with peers.  Experts recommend that parents send their children to schools specifically designed to address the needs of children with special needs.

These schools and their teachers can help students in ways that traditional school settings and teachers may not be able to.

If you do have kids with special needs and want education provided by professional tutors in this area, these are some of the schools that will do your child a lot of good;

1.Modupe Cole Memorial Childcare and Treatment Home

This school is one of the oldest schools for children with special needs. It was established in 1960 and it has had several testimonies. They cater for pupils that have down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, e.t.c. The school runs both academic and vocational. You can visit them at No1, St. Finbarr College Road, Akoka or call 08074571573 for more information.

2. Benola

Benola is a Not for Profit Organisation committed to change and progress for persons living with Cerebral Palsy. They are located at, Suite 19/20, Praise Plaza, Ajah/Ado Road, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. You can call them on +234-012954355 , send them a mail at, [email protected] or log on to their website here .

3. C.A.D.E.T. Academy

C.A.D.E.T. Academy is a research & evidence-based special needs education & learning program located in Abuja, Nigeria but serves a global community. It is a world class provider of high quality educational services for all children, particularly those with special needs. They are located at Block L2, No 13, Uruguay Street,  Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria. Also visit their website here.  

4. The Zamarr Institute: The Zamarr Institute creates a world class facility for children living with Special Needs. They are located at LEA Nursery & Primary School,  Patrick O. Bokkor Crescent, Off Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Jabi, Abuja. You can call them on 08098143671, 08098659760 or log on their website here, for more information

5. Patrick Speech and Languages Centre

This centre provides special education services for the developmentally challenged, hearing and speech impaired children in Nigeria. Their centre is located at 13b Fani Kayode Street, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. You can also call them on 07055028215, 08033019865. Log on to their website here for more information.

6. Kids Start Right School

Kids Start Right School is another beautiful place for children who have traits of autism, Attention Deficit Disorder and other learning difficulties. The school is located at 3, Afinni Street, Off Ibezim Obiajulu Street, Off Adelabu Str, Masha Roundabout Surulere Lagos. You can call them on 08033771935, 08023378084 or log on to their website here.

7. Open Doors Special Educational Centre

Open Doors for Special Learners is a registered non-governmental and not for profit organization dedicated to the: Provision of quality Special Education, vocational training, speech and language therapy and physiotherapy for children and youths with learning handicaps. This school is located off Liberty Boulevard in Giring, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. You can call them on 08034534990 or log on to their website here.

8. Centre for Children with Special Needs

 ‘’CCSN’’ is a Non-governmental organization serving as a learning support service and resource centre for children with special needs, set up in the regular school environment, to promote inclusion (integration) and give quality education. The school is located at 4, Lake Chad Crescent, Off IBB Way, Maitama District, Abuja FCT Nigeria. You can call them on, 09020454575, 08069738449 or log on to their website for more information.

9. Centre for Autism and Development Disabilities

CADD is a fully registered as a Non-Governmental Organization focusing on autism spectrum disorders and related developmental disabilities. You can get more information here

10. Pacific Hall Special School

Pacific Hall Special School is a school for children with autism, dyslexia, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment and physical disabilities. It is the first school wholly-set for disabled children education in Nigeria. The school is located at 10 Oba Akinjobi Road, G.R.A, Ikeja Nigeria.

We recommend that parents make a visit to these special needs schools when they are in session. This can give you an idea of these institutions’ day-to-day operations as well as a better sense of how comfortable your children will be in these environments.  

Also, kindly note that the special needs schools are not limited to the 10 listed above but they are the ones that have been verified by our team.

If you know any other special needs school that is not listed above, please kindly feel free to drop their names and contact details below in the comment section.


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