Week 31 – Baby’s sense are really developed

Your baby is about as long as a bunch of spring onions, weighing in at three-plus pounds approx. 1.3kg and measuring 18 inches long, he is quickly approaching his birth length. The brain is working overtime developing faster than ever and making connections between individual nerve cells at a super-fast rate. Your baby is now processing information, tracking light and perceiving signals from all five senses. Of course he or she can’t smell anything right now, but that’s only because he’s still submerged in amniotic fluid and needs to be breathing air to get a whiff of anything.

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How do You Protect Your Kids from Pedophiles

We live in a world where child safety, sexual exploitation is a serious issue that we cannot sweep under carpet. It has to be discussed extensively to protect our kids.

Predators and pedophile are closer than you think and so many children have fallen victims to their antics.

Teach your kids about their body: Teach your children about appropriate touch, tell them their body is their own and they can say NO not minding who the person is. You need to know that a child who is sexually abused may not understand it but that child will be scared and would feel uncomfortable.

Be vigilant and ask questions: You know your kids as you observe them from day to day, yes they have temperament but you will sense the difference when your child begins to act funny. Be at alert, when your child withdraws, refuses to play with some people, regress in toilet training, inability to concentrate, defensive and clingy. This is a sign, watch it and be vigilant, ask questions and get to the root of it.

Have an honest and open discussion with your kids:
Pedophiles make children feel that ‘no one believe you’, ‘if you tell your mother, I will not buy …’ they persuade them to keep secrets and buy gifts to bribe them. Talk to your kids and build trust so they can confide in you. Ask questions like ‘Is there anything you want to tell me? “Don’t be the parents that shout on your kids when they want to have a conversation with you.

Do not enforce endearment: Do not force your kids to hug or kiss any adult. Let your child decide if they want to do that because in reality the less the kisses the less the germs isn’t it? Encourage high fives in place of hugs or kiss.

Keep your kids close in public places: Many children have been lured away by predators who find it easy to entice little children with attractive things like toys, pet, etc. If your child can fit into a baby carrier, pram then put them in it. If they are a bit grown, you can use a cord that you attach to their hands and yours so they don’t stray beyond a certain distance. If you can’t do all of this, hold your their hands tightly and don’t let them go alone to the bathroom, toilet without you or any adult supervision.

Teach and enforce security measures: The basic rule is to teach your kids not to talk to strangers or go anywhere with a stranger. Teach your kids to seek your permission before going out or participating in activities outside the home. Also activate parental control/safety software on your internet, Television access to unhealthy programmes that can lure kids away etc.

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