Survey Result For The World Breastfeeding Week 2017

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week 2017, we asked Mamalettes about their experiences with breastfeeding.

The results of our survey shows that 15.6% of Nigerian mums breastfeed their baby exclusively for 6 months.

Why does this matter?

Study after study has revealed that exclusive breastfeeding benefits both baby and mothers. The WHO recommends that infants should be exclusively breastfed – i.e. receive only breast milk – for the first six months of life to achieve optimal growth, development and health.

Exclusive breastfeeding” is defined as giving no other food or drink – not even water – except breast milk.

Our survey also showed that 91.2% of Nigerian mothers think breastfeeding is best for their babies. Some of the common challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers according to our study were sore nipples, breast engorgement and insufficient breast milk.


The study showed that mothers got most support when faced with challenges with breastfeeding from; a health professional and  their mother or mother in law.

We also conducted a competition for mums where they took were expected to take pictures/videos of themselves breastfeeding their babies and saying how they had benefited from breastfeeding their baby. The winner was Tolulope Oyebade Anieke who did a video of herself breastfeeding her baby, followed by Osobu Olawumi Akinola, Adedayo Isreal, Alozie Peace and Kareem Tawa. They all got cash prices courtesy of Access Bank and W Community, Photo Books 30-60 pages long courtesy My FotoBook Ng, breastfeeding pillows and nursing covers courtesy Unique Children Store.

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Mamalette Live! Abuja April 2nd 2016 Post Event Report

Mamalette Live! strives to inform, empower and educate pregnant women and first time mothers on a variety of topics that matter to them.

Mamalette Live! Abuja 12

As the only event in Nigeria focusing on informing, educating and empowering young and first time Nigerian mothers, Mamalette Live! is a unique marketing opportunity for companies and brands interested to tap into the potential of the maternity-child market.

Mamalette Live! Abuja 1

The 2nd edition of Mamalette Live! took place on April 2, 2016 at NAF Conference Center and Suites, Kado, Abuja. Over 420+ pregnant women and first time mothers based in Abuja were present at the event and received information and advice from the experts present.

Mamalette Live! Abuja 14

All the visitors also attended 5 sessions held by experts in the fields of obstetrics and gynaecology, reproductive health, finance, marriage & relationships etc.

Mamalette Live! Abuja 5

Mamalette Live! 2016, Abuja gathered an extraordinary support from numerous partners. We are especially thankful to: Etisalat Nigeria, The Co-Creation Hub, The Office For ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIIE), BIOFEM Limited, Pathcare Nigeria, Planned Parenthood Federation Of America, Planned Parenthood Global, Marie Stopes International and Nkataa Online.

Mamalette Live! Abuja 6

Each year, the organizers of Mamalette Live! Make special efforts to make the event free of charge for attendees. This is possible only thanks to the support we receive from our corporate partners.

Mamalette Live! Abuja recorded an increase in the overall quality of the event, meeting most of the expectations of the exhibitors, attendees and speakers and thus starting to grow its own tradition.
The extraordinary support attracted by the event creates the premises for continuous future developments and commands greater efficiency in meeting every stakeholder’s objectives: exhibitors, visitors, partners of the event and organizers.

Mamalette Live! Abuja 11

The 3rd edition of Mamalette Live! will take place on July 16th 2016 in Port Harcourt (the date and location are subject to further confirmation). We aim to increase the number of exhibitors to more than 10 and, through additional promotional means to our traditional mix, attract more than 500+ visitors in and around Port Harcourt.
Mamalette Live! Abuja 8
We invite you to explore the comments and photo galleries available on our Facebook page and on the hashtags #MamaletteLive2016, #MamaletteLive on Twitter, documenting the past editions of the event.

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