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Steps to Maintaining your Sanity During The Holidays

The holidays can be exciting and enjoyable at the same time depressing depending on your circumstance.

Perhaps you intend to travel home to see your parents and loved ones whom you have not seen for a long time.

As people gather together there is a tendency to begin to compare yourself to other who appear more successful or people may even measure your progress by other standards making you feel bad about the things you have not been able to achieve.

If you’re trying to conceive, they may say “When will you give us grand children?” Or “when will I become an aunt or an uncle?” ‘’I want to see my nieces and my nephews oo’’ Say to them that God is preparing a beautiful twin baby for you.

Perhaps you have been looking forward to getting a job and you may hear ‘’when are you getting a job na’’ ‘’please don’t finish our money o’’ ‘’so what exactly do you do at home everyday’’ say to them my job is coming

Your own case may be that your business has not been as successful as you envisioned it to be making it difficult for you to make ends meet and even have enough to spend and spare and you hear ‘which business are you doing? You better drop it and get a job so you make contributions like your mates are doing’’ Tell them it’s a matter of time you will get there.

If you have these kind of people around you who tend to talk insensitively and you cannot handle their talks then it may not be a good idea to visit with these people. Who says Christmas cannot be spent alone with your husband and kids without the hurtful words from others?

  • Sit at home, cook a delicious meal, watch a movie and enjoy the company of people who value you. Be grateful for all you have accomplished knowing that you will work harder to make it better next year.
  • No one has the right to ruin your mood and make you fall into depression
  • Spend time with other people who make you happy better still make someone’s day better
  • Share food to neighbours and people who may not be able to repay you.
  • Take a gift to the local orphanage home
  • Above all, protect your energy, sanity and peace of mind this season
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Avoid free rides from strangers
  • Avoid volatile places where violence tend to break out
  • Avoid keeping late nights
  • In all be moderate and stay safe

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Read These Parenting Tips For Lastborn Children

Lastborn kids are the babies of the house. They enjoy the attention of their parent who tends to be liberal and relaxed in their expectations and enforcing rules.

Lastborn children are likely to be fun-loving, uncomplicated and self-centered. They are the little star that steals the family show so often that they can get away with offences that if it were committed by the older sibling it would have been punishable.

Here, how to get your lastborn kids to behave well and grow upright;

  1. Practice Fairness: Sometimes parents get too engrossed with the achievement of the other siblings that the last-born is just a tag along. Making time for him/her own activity will help to give a sense of identity as part of the family. Get your last born involved in all the activities at home and with other siblings, there are little aspects that he/she can fit into easily.
  2. Make Him Accountable: Like it or not lastborns tend to get away with many things their elder siblings would have received punishments for at their age. Parents must be careful in overlooking offences that deserve some disciplinary measures else, it might create some resentment in the older siblings who will notice the preferential treatment.
  3. Protect Him: Parents need to look out for the last-born child when there is a tendency to be bullied and teased by older kids. Here you need to teach the older ones to be responsible for the last born kid, step in if you need to do so to stop the intimidation.
  4. Be Willing To Turn Some Requests Down: Be ready to say no and feel good about it. Lastborn kids can be self-centred sometimes, so they request for things that they may not need by throwing tantrums to force your hands to do their bidding. When she acts this way, you should not give in to the request. Treat her like every other child in the family.
  5. Explain Situations: Sometimes it is difficult for children of different ages to play together without anyone being left out especially the youngest. Perhaps he/she cannot run fast or jump high. The lastborn child might feel left out. Parents should explain the situation of things to the kid. It is only a matter of time before he/she would be able to do what others are doing. Then you should look out for common games and things every child can do together in the family without being left out.
  6. Double-Check; it just might be a trick: One of the common traits of a lastborn is being mischievous. Your youngest child may likely exaggerate some facts in other to get some attention. For example, if your last born child observes that whenever anyone is sick in the house, they get better meals and a warm and loving care. She may feign sickness just to enjoy this goodness. Be sure to double check health facts before giving in to your child’s claim.

This guide follows the principles of birth order theory but the reality is that not all kids would fit into the mould of birth order. Some are an exception to the general. Lastborns that behave like firstborns and firstborns that act like lastborns.

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