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Is It Okay To Kiss Your Child On The Lips?

I didn’t think there’d ever come a day when this kind of question would be asked but recently a picture posted by Victoria Beckham  has caused this debate to erupt on social media, she posted an adorable photo on Instagram in honor of her daughter’s birthday. In it, she is seen kissing Harper on the lips in a pool, with the caption “kisses from mummy.” And you can’t image what some people had to say to this.

Many of her followers said kissing your child on the lips is “disgusting”

Here are the things a few of her critics had to say

“Un, just to let u know it’s nice but Ur not supposed to kiss Ur children on the lips…I’m not trying to be rude but it’s true” — @beah_bri

“it’s gorgeous when your mom gives you kisses but not on your lips tho. I see that I’m not the only one who doesn’t get it…my mom gives me kisses but on my forehead which I find more valuable but it’s my right to find this disgusting. Have a lovely day.” — @I_2000_

“it’s definitely the head tilt. Makes it look like a romantic move kiss.” — @Mrsiunsetlove

How can a kiss to your daughter be romantic Mamalettes even though it’s on the lips? I don’t get how the world is thinking anymore. It’s as if most people’s thinking is perverted. If this society can question something so natural between a mother and her child, I think we should check ourselves.

I kiss my children everyday before they go to school and on a particular day when one of them was almost hit by a car, I was so scared and I planted kisses all over his body and even his mouth, it was my way of showing him how much he means to me and how scared I was to lose him.

But if we live in a society where kissing your daughter on the lips can be termed as sexual, then shame on them! If you prefer not to kiss your child on the lips, it’s okay but if someone else is fine with it, then don’t insinuate it’s sexual or disgusting.

Mamalettes! Would you kiss your child on the lips? And is kissing your child on the lips disgusting?

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Read These Parenting Tips For Lastborn Children

Lastborn kids are the babies of the house. They enjoy the attention of their parent who tends to be liberal and relaxed in their expectations and enforcing rules.

Lastborn children are likely to be fun-loving, uncomplicated and self-centered. They are the little star that steals the family show so often that they can get away with offences that if it were committed by the older sibling it would have been punishable.

Here, how to get your lastborn kids to behave well and grow upright;

  1. Practice Fairness: Sometimes parents get too engrossed with the achievement of the other siblings that the last-born is just a tag along. Making time for him/her own activity will help to give a sense of identity as part of the family. Get your last born involved in all the activities at home and with other siblings, there are little aspects that he/she can fit into easily.
  2. Make Him Accountable: Like it or not lastborns tend to get away with many things their elder siblings would have received punishments for at their age. Parents must be careful in overlooking offences that deserve some disciplinary measures else, it might create some resentment in the older siblings who will notice the preferential treatment.
  3. Protect Him: Parents need to look out for the last-born child when there is a tendency to be bullied and teased by older kids. Here you need to teach the older ones to be responsible for the last born kid, step in if you need to do so to stop the intimidation.
  4. Be Willing To Turn Some Requests Down: Be ready to say no and feel good about it. Lastborn kids can be self-centred sometimes, so they request for things that they may not need by throwing tantrums to force your hands to do their bidding. When she acts this way, you should not give in to the request. Treat her like every other child in the family.
  5. Explain Situations: Sometimes it is difficult for children of different ages to play together without anyone being left out especially the youngest. Perhaps he/she cannot run fast or jump high. The lastborn child might feel left out. Parents should explain the situation of things to the kid. It is only a matter of time before he/she would be able to do what others are doing. Then you should look out for common games and things every child can do together in the family without being left out.
  6. Double-Check; it just might be a trick: One of the common traits of a lastborn is being mischievous. Your youngest child may likely exaggerate some facts in other to get some attention. For example, if your last born child observes that whenever anyone is sick in the house, they get better meals and a warm and loving care. She may feign sickness just to enjoy this goodness. Be sure to double check health facts before giving in to your child’s claim.

This guide follows the principles of birth order theory but the reality is that not all kids would fit into the mould of birth order. Some are an exception to the general. Lastborns that behave like firstborns and firstborns that act like lastborns.

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