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Why Newborn Babies Smell So Good

I thought I was the only one that knows this but when I gave birth to my second child, my friend came to the hospital to she asked may I hold your baby, the next thing she said was “oh I’ve missed this new baby smell” she said with her eyes closed and that smile on her face. A study has found that there’s a reason why babies’ natural smell is so heavenly and it’s not only scientific but psychological as well.


Host Michael Aranda explains that the newborn baby smell, which lingers for about six weeks after a baby is born, may be due to leftover amniotic fluid as well as vernix caseosa which is the white substance that coats the baby’s skin when they are born. Though it is immediately washed off the skin, traces can hang around for weeks.

 The study concluded that the new baby smell works as a kind of pleasure incentive for new mothers to take care of their babies which could help reduce or balance the exhaustion so that mothers can better take care of their babies.
According to a 2013 study published in the medical journal Frontiers in Psychology, this scent doesn’t only exist, but it may affect certain brain regions of all women, especially with new mothers.

For the study they rounded up 30 women similar in age — half of whom had never given birth and half who welcomed a child within the last six weeks. Isolating the newborn smell on a pair of pajamas taken from babies totally unrelated to any of them, the women underwent brain scans while smelling the sleepwear. Every single one of them showed activity in reward-related areas of the brain.

The study concluded that the new baby smell works as sort of a pleasure incentive for new mothers to take care of their babies — which could offset the exhaustion and promote more maternal care.

Basically, our babies smell so freaking amazing because we subconsciously need them to.

We’re not sure if dads will react this way too, as the study was only conducted on mothers although it’s assumed that the result would be the same for dads too.

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I Didn’t Know Things Could Change So Much After A Baby

I’ve heard about how much having a baby can change your life, how a lot can change about your marriage if your marriage isn’t strong enough, a lot of advice were thrown my way, some of it was useful others were just trash. But I found out a lot by myself, since becoming a mum, I realised that having a few close friends who will be there when you need them is more important than having many friends that don’t care about how you’re doing.

I now know who my true friends are, even my friends who I consider myself close with haven’t met my son but that’s fine.

Even if you don’t want your friend who just gave birth to a baby to feel encumbered by being there all the time, send her a text once in a while, call them up to know how you can offer them your support, don’t expect them to be the one calling for help. And invite them to parties even if they can’t attend, they’d appreciate you not excluding them.

Needless to say, the friends I considered close to me neglected to be there for me, but that was the lesson I learnt. What I wasn’t fine with was my love life that got hit with the presence of our baby. My husband and I forgot about ourselves, we became more focused taking care of our little one.

We argue about little things as I was very impatient (I blamed this on sleeplessness) I never stopped loving him though, no, I love him even more but my tolerance level became low.


We went through hard times as parents, at a point, I was scared that my marriage would hit the rock but when we strive to set time aside for each other things changed positively.

I also lose my patience easily, every ounce of patience I ever had got lost, maybe at the labour room I think. I just can’t tolerate any bullshit anymore, from my husband, friend or opinionated strangers who think they can say whatever they like  even when their opinion is not sorted.

Had I known motherhood would be this tough and it would change so much I would have spent more time loving my husband and giving him more of my time, so the bond we create will strengthen us in loving another being, protecting and worrying about him without us being broken into two. I think I’m doing a good job though, and we’d last.

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