New Molfix Air Dry Diaper Hits The Shelves!

HAYAT KIMYA, manufacturer of Nigeria’s number one choice diaper, MOLFIX is pleased to introduce their newest product, the MOLFIX Air Dry Baby Diaper which is unarguably their best diaper yet in the Nigerian market!

The Air Dry Baby Diaper is a new and improved addition to the MOLFIX collection, showcasing the brand’s continued efforts to provide MO’ babies with skin-friendly, ultra-breathable, and ultra-absorbent diapers. To further ascertain this postulation;

The Managing Director of HAYAT KIMYA Nigeria, Mr. Doruk Emiroglu was keen to state that, “We are proud to be producing high-quality baby diapers that are made right here on Nigerian soil. The current climate is testing businesses and individuals across the world, however, we trust in the viability of the Nigerian market and we will continue to seek additional avenues to innovate, create value and invest in the Nigerian economy.”

From Left to Right:  Sales Director, Motayo Latunji, Managing Director, Doruk Emiroglu, and Marketing Manager, Roseline Abaraonye at the internal launch of Molfix Air Dry.
Roseline Abaraonye, Marketing Manager, HAYAT KIMYA Nigeria added that “MOLFIX is a brand that cares about a mothers’ convenience and the baby’s freedom and comfort. With the Air Dry Diaper, we’ve produced not just a product that provides maximum comfort to babies but also provides peace of mind to multitasking mothers. It is paramount that we help our mothers and babies live our motto, “For the Number 1 mums of Nigeria.” Simply because Nigerian mums are the best!”

The following are true about MOLFIX Air Dry Diaper:

  • It’s Skin Friendly

  • It’s Ultra-Breathable

  • It ensures High Absorption

  • It has Anti-leakage elastic barriers

MOFLIX employs a holistic approach and this is evident in the innovation and production that has led to the Air Dry Diaper. Providing happiness and comfort for both mother and child is the ultimate goal. The future is not left out as we have sought ways to look at both mothers’ Convenience and babies’ Freedom and Comfort.


Hayat Kimya Nigeria successfully launched its flagship diaper brand, MOLFIX in May 2015, into the Nigerian market.

Five years later, MOLFIX still poses a verifiable success. Despite the tightly-contested market space, it rapidly attained the position of the NUMBER 1 BRAND within the diaper category such as “Best Baby Diaper of the Year” at the African Product Awards 2016, awarded by the Institute for Government Research Leadership Technology. In 2018, the brand emerged as the Global Most Leading Premium Quality Baby Diaper Brand of the Year, awarded by Global Quality Awards. It was also awarded the “Brand of the Year” by ADVAN in 2018. The brand further garnered mind-blowing awards to its name as follows; “Brand of the Year” awarded by Brandcom 2019, 1st positions in Experiential Marketing, and in Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) awards, to mention but a few.

Indeed, MOLFIX has made both consumers and customers happy and satisfied with its consistently high-quality product and availability in the market. For MOLFIX, it is “For the Number 1 mums of Nigeria”, and the brand relentlessly endeavors to make it a reality.

For more information, visit: http://www.molfix.com.ng

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