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The Mistake I Made Circumcising My Son Late

As a mom of two boys, one would think I should know better and I still ask myself up till now how it happened but the most important thing was that I learned a big lesson from it. I learned that I should circumcise my son a week after birth.  I look back at it and I now know what I should have done better and how much everyone blamed me that as an experienced mom, I should have known better.

When I had my first baby, I had him through a caesarean section and I stayed at the hospital for almost a week. It was during that period that we were at the hospital that he was circumcised. I didn’t even know baby boys should be circumcised within a week or two. We were discharged after our 5 days at the hospital. At the birth of my second baby boy, I had him through a vaginal birth and we were discharged a day after.

I was happy for the change because it reminded me of when I had his brother and we had to stay for a long time. Two days after the naming ceremony, my mom had to travel urgently out of the country and she was supposed to be back within a week. I promised her that I will cope with the baby without her and moreover, my mother-in-law will be coming to do omugwo as well but she won’t be coming not until in 5 days time. My baby was two weeks old already by then and I just told myself I will circumcise him on our 6 weeks first postpartum visit to the hospital.  On the day my mother-in-law was supposed to arrive, she called that the king in their village died, so there is a curfew for villagers not to travel so she has to stay back until the burial rites are completed and these things take time.

My mom’s visit to had to be extended because my elder brother’s wife will be due in a week, this is their first pregnancy and  in a foreign land, they lack that kind of support we get here, so it was understandable for her to stay back for them to assist her. I had totally given up on calling my MIL for when she will be coming because it seems their village rites is not ending soon. A few days after my baby 5 weeks old, my brother put to bed and they had a bouncing baby boy.

We were all happy, my mom was telling me about how even the developed countries now embrace circumcising babies because they’ve already given them an appointment to come for it in a few days, it was while we were discussing this that I realized that have not done my baby’s own. I mentioned it to my mom and she screamed  soo loud.I was scared! She told me to take the baby to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning, she kept on saying she hope they can still do for him because he’s grown already and he will feel the pain the more.

I took him to the hospital as advised by my mom. On getting there, I told the nurses what brought me to the hospital and when they ask me how old he his, they start abusing me and calling me a wicked mother. When it was my turn to see the doctor,  told the same thing I had told the nurses and he reprimanded me a lot. He asked me if I was a first-time mom and he abused me the more when I told him I’ve had a boy before.  They agreed to do it but the doctor said he doubt if he will find the right size of ring for him and he was really worried about the pain the boy will go through because he can’t be sedated.  

When he was taken from me to be circumcised, I could hear his loud cry, he was screaming his lungs out, I felt really bad. At the end of it, the doctor told me how my babies penis was bigger than most of the rings they because his penis has grown bigger from the size it was from birth and he had to be fitting in different sizes which was an extremely painful experience for the baby.

 He told me of how much he bleed, he advised that I should be careful around the ring when I’m bathing him so it won’t come off, if that should happen, my baby will continue to bleed because the ring he used for him was not his perfect size. He said the only was the ring should come off his after 3 to 4 days after the circumcision and it should slip off itself but not forcefully. I was extra careful when bathing him and even when I told my MIL about it, she could not believe it.  I was really grateful that nothing happened to my baby and I learned my lesson not to take things for granted and ask questions from professionals.

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5 Tips That Could Save Your Baby’s Life

As a parent, keeping your baby or child safe should be your number 1 priority.

Knowing what to do to help prevent accidents from happening and how to react should it become a reality should be of upmost importance for parents.

Here are 5 tips that could save your baby’s life.

1. Take notice of suffocation hazards in the home

A baby can suffocate if something covers his or her mouth and nose, thus preventing breathing. Plastic/nylon bags is a main culprit.They may seem flimsy, but a nylon bag can easily suffocate a young baby or toddler. A thin film of plastic can kill a child by suffocating him/her.

Teach older children never to put them over their heads and do not allow little children to play with them.  Even very young babies can grab it and put it over their head, as they are so light.

2. Never leave your child alone in the bath or bathtub

Babies and young children should never be left alone in the bath, not even for a minute.  Also using a bath seat or support is no replacement for parental supervision. Even if a baby is secured in a bath seat, do not leave them even for a second as it could still fall over.

A child can drown in a matter of minutes and it happens quickly and silently. A baby can slip under the water without crying or screaming or splashing around.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends the age of 4 before children are allowed to bathe alone.

3. Keep your baby alone from small objects to prevent choking

It’s a scary thing to see a choking child and it usually, happens when a baby or young child tries to swallow a piece of food or small object. Choking most frequently happens to babies between the ages of five and eighteen months.

Ensure that you keep all small objects out of reach of the baby who is at the hand-to-mouth stage of development. Safety pins should always be out of your baby’s reach and keep small toys or toys with small parts away from babies until they are old enough to handle them.  Parts broken off toys and games should be thrown away or be repaired. Also rid of small pieces of crayon.

Be alert for small objects that can cause choking, such as coins, buttons, beads, bits of torn plastic, seeds or broken balloons.  Make a habit or picking up these small items if they are lying around. Also note that toys are designed to be used by children within a certain age range.

4. Keep your baby away from electrical outlets

Electrical outlets can kill your child. There is something about an electrical outlet that attracts young children and this make electrical outlets extremely dangerous. If a child sticks wet fingers into an outlet, or even worse if a child sticks a piece of metal into an outlet, electrocution is a definite possibility. Electrocution frequently results in death and children die every year by electrocution.

5. Keep your child away from buckets

Do you know that buckets can kill small children? Children love water. When a child sees a bucket of water, it is an instant attraction. Unfortunately, toddlers are top heavy. If a toddler reaches into a bucket to touch the water, it is very easy for the child to fall right in headfirst and the child will never get back out.

Buckets are frequently used in Nigeria for bathing, fetching water, washing clothes and for household chores and pose a serious threat to babies and toddlers. Never leave a bucket of water in your house where small children can reach it. Even something as simple as answering the door or using the restroom can leave a window of time long enough to drown a child.

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