Making Tom Brown For Your Baby From Scratch

Tom brown is a perfect food to wean your baby with, tom brown is nutritious and filling. A lot of Mamalettes often ask questions about where they can buy Tom Brown mix in Nigeria. But rather than buy Tom brown, why not make it yourself at home? Below is a step by step guide on how to make your own Tom Brown mix from scratch.

What makes up Tom brown mix is a mixture of cereals (yellow corn, guinea corn and millet) and legumes (soybeans and groundnuts). The cereals and legumes add a variety of nutrients beneficial to baby’s good health to the meal.

What you need:

  • Millet
  • Guinea corn
  • Yellow corn
  • Soybeans
  • Groundnut

How to prepare: 

1. Buy dried corn from the market, then roast it on fire until its turn brown and just before it starts popping like popcorn, remove it, leave to cool ( You can fry the two different types of corn together).
2. Fry your groundnut (1 Derica is okay depending on how much cereals you’re using)
3. Fry the millet and the soya bean. You have to fry everything separately
4. After frying the soya beans, grind softly with mortal and pestle to remove the shaft, blow the shaft away with your mouth
5. Leave everything to cool
6. Combine all the ingredients together, if you have a high powered blender you can blend the mixture with your blender but if not, take it to the local mill to blend. The mixture should be blended dry (o not add water!)
7. Your Tom Brown mixture is ready! Pour it inside a dry container and prepare it

Method of preparing Tom Brown porridge 

It’s one thing to make the powder, it’s another to know how to prepare it so it doesn’t turn out lumpy, the key to achieving a silky smooth porridge is to stir it constantly especially at the beginning of the cooking just like semo).
  • Place a small pot on fire, pour small water into it, then make a thick mix of tom brown and pour it into the pot
  • Using a turning stick, turn till there’s no lump in the mixture
  • Continue turning it until it becomes thick like a custard and looks cooked
  • The fire should be on a medium heat, cook for about 7 minutes until it becomes firm, cooked and smooth.
You can serve with baby milk or breast milk

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