You are pregnant, congratulations!

I’m sure you are excited and so is everyone else around you, as your bump gets bigger so does your excitement especially when you start feeling your baby’s presence, all this excitement is good but sometimes it can impact the mom negatively, like she might start craving foods or indulging in habits which are not actually good for her or baby.

Here’s are ways you can ensure a healthy pregnancy;

1. Eat Enough

When you eat, you don’t have to eat for two as this could be harmful to your baby’s health, striking the balance is the key to a healthy baby, and that’s what you need to do. Eat less of processed foods, and more of leafy greens, salads, fruits and vegetables to satisfy your cravings. You can eat a chocolate bar or sweet things once in a while, but don’t make a habit of it. Not only will eating healthy ensure your baby gets all the necessary nutrients, it will help your birth experience too. Read upon Foods you can eat while pregnant

2. Plan Well

To have a healthy pregnancy, you need to plan, dont only reacts to problem when they surface, you need to make sure such problem doesn’t show their face. Your baby is depending on you so immediately you see signs of trouble don’t wait for it to become too late before you check with your doctor.

3. Regular Visits To The Doctor

Regularly visiting your doctor and going for antenatal care will help you know exactly what’s going on with your body at a particular time so that something can be quickly done to appease the situation before it does any harm.

4. Know The Warning Signs

Knowing what’s normal and what’s not can help you understand the symptoms of trouble and what can be harmful or dangerous for your body when you’re pregnant. Call the doctor immediately if you are too nauseous, dizzy, too short of breath. 5 Causes Of Bleeding During Pregnancy

5. Move Around

If you don’t have the energy to exercise, just make sure you engage in physical activities that involve the flexing if your muscles, also take a long walk once in a while.

6. Avoid Falls Or Injuries

If you fall, see your doctor immediately but try to avoid a fall or injury at all cost which means you have to be extra careful, put away anything that might make you trip and fall from your house. As injuries or fall can endanger the baby and injure you.

7. Maintain a Normal Weight 

You might be tempted to eat for two or everything that you crave even though it’s unhealthy, but eating too much during pregnancy can lead to obesity, low birth weight, gestational diabetes and many more. An average woman should put on around 13 kilograms when she is pregnant. Read more about weight gain during pregnancy here.

8. Avoid Stress

Much as it’s good to engage in physical activities when pregnant, stressing yourself out while pregnant can lead to many problems over the course of pregnancy. Remove all excess stress from your life, mental, physical or emotion.

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