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Leaving Your Baby For The First Time? Know These Things!

If you have any cause to leave your baby at home for the first time it can be nerve-wracking even if it’s just for one night. I had an event in Enugu and the same week I was planning to wean my baby I left him with my grandma, it was just for a night so I thought it would be okay, I was wrong!

I kept calling in to check on him and I felt guilty, when I couldn’t sleep through the night I had to use two tablets of piritin so I can sleep and be well-rested for the next day! I was that anxious.


When I finally got home, I met my baby playing happy as ever with his grandma, poor me had a bad time and a bad trip but baby was home happy and cheery.

It’s hard leaving your baby at home, but sometimes it’s necessary if you have cause to leave your child at home, know these;

1. Your baby won’t notice you’re gone

If you leave your baby with someone they are already used to being with, they’d be fine. All babies need is a capable hands and familiar face(s) and they’re good. Every hour you’re away from your baby may feel like days but it’s for the same for baby so calm down.


2. Take a hand pump along

Your flight may be delayed and your nursing breast may be full to the brim so you need a hand pump to express milk. Find a private place to pump.  Let me warn you; you might cry.

3. It’s OK if you don’t call home much

You don’t have to call in every minute to check in on your child, whoever is taking care of your child will call if something goes wrong. Just make sure they have a fully charged phone and a power bank so you don’t die of worry when you can’t reach them.

4. Your baby will be safe

The person taking care of your child may not follow your orders to the letter but your baby will be fine. They may do things differently but as long as they make sure your child is safe, keep calm.

6. It’s okay to enjoy your time away from your baby

You may enjoy the time spent away from your baby and that’s okay! You needed the break, no matter how short it is and that doesn’t make you a bad mom.


7. Airport security may throw embarrassing questions at you

If you’re travelling by air, the airport security might tell you to take apart the hand pump you’re carrying and when you’re coming back home you might have to explain why you have so many bags of breastmilk in your luggage. They are just doing their job, don’t be embarrassed.


8. Video calls is a bad idea

It’s okay to call home and see how everything is going but never ask them to show you your baby on the screen, the sight of your baby might make you cry ’cause you’ll miss your little one.

9. It never gets easier

Leaving your baby at home the first, second, and third time doesn’t get better but you become a pro at it. With time, you’ll be able to handle the emotions better.

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The Dangerous Impact Sugar Could Have On Your Baby’s Brain

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A new research published in Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience says that sugar might have the same impact on a child’s brain as psychological trauma.

Content of the study

Australian and Indian researchers set out at the beginning of their study with a hypothesis: could foods high in sugar and fat assist in regenerating a hippocampus damaged by stress.

The hippocampus is the part of the brain responsible for short- and long-term memories and your sense of direction. And when it is exposed to stress, conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may set in.

The researchers examined newborn rats who had stress-damaged hippocampi due to poor nesting. In order to see if sugar and fat could ‘heal’ this damage, different groups of the rats were exposed to diets containing various amounts of sugar and fats — and the extreme opposite of the researchers’ original hypothesis was shown to be true.

What they discovered was that sugar (as well as stress) reduced the re-growth of damaged brain cells in the hippocampus by more than 40%, also affecting the ability to learn new things.

What this means is that, consuming too much sugar may result in serious psychiatric issues, similar to those caused by extreme stress.

And even though this study was conducted on rats, the authors caution that “if similar effects occur in humans, early life adversity and high sugar diet may independently increase the risk for psychopathology later in life.”

It was also noted that “limiting consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages across the community may be an effective way to curtail the burden of psychiatric disorders.”

So yeah the study was conducted on rats but would you risk it when there’s a way around it? Simply treating your children to sweet things on rare occasions will do.

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