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Investing in Early Nutrition for Smart Children

Hello Smart Mum,

It’s been a long lockdown season. Phew! Whoever thought we would still be grappling with the disruptive social, economic and emotional effects of this pandemic in these ‘ember’ months? I am sure I speak for majority of the parents reading this when I say it has been hectic. But we have survived so far, and we will continue to thrive till we see out this phase.

One of the main areas of triumph recently for most mothers has been the ability to pay closer attention to the nutrition of their kids. The reason for this is not far-fetched, as no mother can afford to have her baby or toddler require multiple doctor’s visits in these times.  The easiest way to ensure this is by making sure the child gets the right nutrient supply to grow up strong and healthy. Beyond being healthy too, another major interest area for parents is how smart and intelligent their babies grow. Every parent wants a highly intellectual child who displays problem solving skills and a balanced social and emotional outlook from a young age.

One interesting fact is, every child has a 5-year window from birth to grow  up to 90% of his/her brain  through adequate supply of brain nourishing nutrients like DHA, zinc, Arachidonic Acid, choline, and iron. Infact, making sure these nutrients are available in your child’s food at the right amounts and consistently requires a high amount of brain power on the part of the mum too. That’s why we say only smart and informed mums raise smart and healthy children.

Are you a smart and informed mum?

Do you know that your child needs a balanced diet including MILK at least twice daily?

Do you know that there are age appropriate milk formulations specially fortified with DHA, Arachidonic Acid, choline, taurine and iron to support healthy growth and development of your child’s cognitive, intelligence, and memory functions?

Do you also know that at different ages (0-12 months, 1-3 years, 4-6 years), your child needs consistently high amounts of those brain friendly nutrients like DHA, Iron, Zinc, Iodine etc to support optimum brain development?

Give your child a glass of Peak 456 Growing Up milk today! It is specially formulated to support the healthy growth and brain function of children between 4 to 6 years.

Investing in your child’s future success and intelligence starts from birth. The earlier you nourish them with DHA-fortified milk, the better their chances at academic and social excellence in their teen and adult years.

A smart mum should have dreams and aspirations of excellence for her child!

A smart child requires DHA and other brain supportive nutrients NOW to achieve those dreams!

Author: Christopher Raiwe


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