Here’s Why You Missed Your Period Yet The Pregnancy Test Came Out Negative

  • You are pregnant but hormones haven’t started their work yet
  • Your period is late for some reason but you aren’t pregnant
  • You are pregnant but the test is ineffective
  • You are pregnant but there’s a problem

It’s only normal that you be worried, take another test after a week or two if you still don’t get your period, then it means, there might be a problem.

One of the reasons why you might get a negative result when you’re actually pregnant is, maybe you tested too early, that is, less than two weeks after conception.

Other Reasons You Might Get A Negative Pregnancy Result Yet You’re Pregnant

Another reason why you may get a negative result when you’re pregnant is your hCG level is not high enough (this isn’t a problem) meanwhile pregnancy tests look for the pregnancy hormone hCG which helps with the result. As the pregnancy progresses hCG level usually increase.

The one rare but worrying reason for a false negative pregnancy test is an ectopic pregnancy; that is when the embryo implants somewhere besides the uterus, it usually occur in the fallopian tube but can occur any where else in the body. An ectopic pregnancy can be life-threatening so if your period is not coming and you are having severe pain, see your doctor.

Another rare and worrisome cause of false negative pregnancy test is molar pregnancy, a rare tumor that forms from a developing embryo, usually it ends with miscarriage. But because it causes extremely high level of hCG it can yield a negative at-home pregnancy result because a high hCG off-set the balance of a home pregnancy test.

Other reasons why your period may be late yet the pregnancy test comes out negative and you’re not pregnant include;

  • Irregular cycle: It’s not uncommon for your cycle to be irregular once or twice in a year and it may be because of illness, travel, sleep deprivation and unusual stress
  • Breastfeeding: If you’re breastfeeding and have started menstruating again, your cycle may be irregular for a while
  • Menopause: If you are  over 45 and your cycle is irregular, you just might be approaching menopause
  • Birth control pills: If you have been on the pill and you just recently stopped taking it, your first few cycles might be slightly irregular.

Another reason you might miss your period and test negative to pregnancy is fertility treatment. If your cycles are normally short, fertility drugs like Clomid may extend your cycle length. In the same vain, IVF, IUI or injectable cycle can offset the balance of your cycle.

If you’re going through a fertility treatment, you’ll probably know when you ovulated if you’re being monitored.

When to pay your doctor a visit

  • if your period is constantly irregular
  • severe abdomen or pelvic pain
  • nausea or vomiting
  • shoulder pain
  • fainting or extreme dizziness
  • any of the above combined with vaginal bleeding

If you missed your period and you do a home pregnancy test that comes out negative, contact your doctor! You may have an ectopic pregnancy which can lead to death, loss of your fallopian tube or your fertility.

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