Four Steps to Making Your Summer Holiday Fun

Yipee! The summer holidays are here and your kids are excited but as parents are you excited too?

Perhaps you are one of those parents who dread summer time and wish it would be over soon enough. The reality is that summertime is here and rather than wish it away you and the kids can have a great time making memories.  Having a well thought out plan helps you to worry less and have fun with your children.

Loosen the Reins

For the period of school runs, you have had the entire control of their time and when any one of them tries to stray, you quickly issue out instructions to rein them in and they fall in line. Summer holiday time is that freedom period where you allow them to relax. You have to be flexible with their timing. You can allow them the luxury of sleeping for longer hours and more time to play. Let them make choices of the activities they want. But you have to find a balance between freedom and being engaged mentally in such a way that when they resume school they would not struggle to adjust to the strict, disciplined schedule.

Makes Chores Fun

This is the time to teach them to be responsible, no matter how small they are, as long as your children can respond to their names and walk, they can do things. Your five-year-old child should be able to wash plates; your two-year-old should be able to drop dirt in the bin whenever she sees one. Involve them in cleaning, sweeping, arranging the house etc. Create a competition around their chores. For example, you can tell them that the first to finish washing their plates will earn some sweets. You can also teach them how to sort through their wastes and dirt. With this, you will be able to get them to learn and do things fast and efficiently.

Unleash their Creativity

Does your child have a passion, something that he likes doing? Now is the time to groom that innate skills and talent to sharpen his/her God-given dream. You will find creative ideas like Art and Craft, painting, games that teach important skills, paper mache, story writing, playing an instrument, dance, sing, act etc.

You do not need to send them to expensive training, if you cannot afford it. Go online and get interesting and interactive videos on your kids’ interest then practicalize it at home.

Spend Time Listening to them

You can be strategic about time. You can take out time to teach your little girls and boys about sex education and many other life skills individually. Many things you did not know happened can be uncovered at this time if you as a parent are intentional about it.

So, parents, summertime is a fun time, plan for it and see how beautiful and memorable it will turn out for you and your kids.





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Gifts To Get That Special Man In Your Life This Father’s Day

Would you agree with me that fathers don’t get celebrated enough i mean mother’s day comes twice in a year but father’s day comes only once, Lol. So on this wonderful day where we get to celebrate those wonderful husbands, fathers, brothers and friends in our live we usually wonder what we can possibly get them this fathers’ day.

Lets look at this suggestion on what to get this special men in our lives on this day specially dedicated to celebrate them.  

  • Shoes: This is usually a good gift idea because practically every man likes a good pair of shoe. Take a shoe from his rack, check the size and good buy him a lovely pair of shoes. Better still take him along with you have him pick out a pair he likes and pay for it. 
  • Watches: This are also a very safe choice for men. While not all men are particular about shoes, some actually cant do without their watch. Make sure the person you are buying it for actually likes watches.
  • Cufflinks: This works very well especially if your man wears corporates a lot. Get a beautiful pair of cufflinks for your man to go with his shirts.
  • Shirts: This are also a very safe gift to buy because every man especially a working class man has shirts in his closet. So why not buy him a shirt.
  • Native Wear: You really cant go wrong with native wears get him a beautiful guinea material and give his tailor who already has his measurement and surprise him with it. Top it off with an agbada. I am sure that would put a smile on his face.
  • Football Jersey: Practically every man in Nigeria is a football fanatic so why not order him a customised jersey from his favorite football club. That would definitely make his day.

You can also get him a cologne, treat him to a spa day or if your husband is a bookworm buy him a book. The truth is you are the one that knows what works best for the man in your life, hopefully I have helped you to come up with a perfect gift for that special Father in your life. 

Remember Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, so lets take our time to celebrate them this father’s day. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Papalettes!!

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