Experts Say Using A Touchscreen Affects Pencil Grip In Children

We live in a world where technology is normal part and parcel of life.

Parents give their kids early access to tech tools like iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones and many of these kids hardly have time for pencils and pen. They would rather play games on mummy’s phone than scribble or colour a colouring book.  This move in the use of tech tools for learning and play has a negative effect on kid’s ability to grip pencils.

Medical personnel observed that the ‘hand strength and dexterity’ of children getting into the school have changed negatively compared to those who started schools years back. Now children find it difficult to grip a pencil properly because their fundamental movement skills are not well developed due to weak finger muscles that result from using touchscreens.

Researchers emphasized the importance of developing good handwriting skills because the most sophisticated schools with all the tech tools still use pencils and pen.

Kids should be given a lot of opportunities to gain control over their finger and build the muscles to develop their fine motor skills.  As more kids fail to develop good handwriting skills, many fingers are being pointed to the overuse of technology at home.

Here are meaningful ways you can engage your kids to develop a handwriting skill;

2- 3 years old

  • Do not give your babies or toddlers tech gadgets as toys.
  • Engage them in activities that will strengthen their finger muscles
  • Colouring with crayons and chalk
  • Playing with building blocks
  • Solving simple jigsaw puzzles
  • Stringing large beads
  • Building sand castles
  • Pouring water into containers of various sizes
  • Playing dress up with dolls

4 to 5-year-olds

  • Engage them in writing, drawing, and painting
  • Playing card and board games
  • Build stuffs with clay
  • Cutting and pasting on cardboards
  • Building structures with blocks



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What To Do If Your Only Child Is Lonely

Unknown to most parents with one child, your only child might be lonely. Growing up as an only child, although I was never really lonely, I often get asked if I’m lonely. And my answer was always “No” but when I’m playing with my mates and they’re like “Don’t touch my sister” “Don’t beat my sister” I’ll then tell my mom, “Mommy! Give me a sister too” to which my mom would answer “soon” then she got me a dog.

To help your only child, do these;

1. Help them interact with their peer

If your children don’t relate with anyone else but you and other adults, they might have difficulty relating to their peers. Visit your friend and take them along, so they’d play with children of your friends. Encourage your child to play with your neighbour’s children too.


2. Don’t be overprotective

Moms with just one child are usually overprotective, fighting for your child when her mates beat her, rescuing her and telling everyone not to touch her will make her unable to fight her own battles. Step back and let your child live and learn to solve his own problem on his own.

3. Get a pet

You should get your child a pet, it won’t only keep your child company, but also teach them to be responsible, kind and loyal. If your family doesn’t have the time or the effort, don’t get a pet and suffer it.

4. Have reasonable goals for your child

Do not set unreasonable and unrealistic expectations for your child just because he’s your one and only child. Your hopes and ambition for your child should be in line with what he wants and his ambition, although you can assure him to try his best at everything.

5. Let your child make decisions

Making all the decisions for your child will not help them, as they get older, they’ll begin to depend on your input to make a decision and they won’t be able to think for themselves. help your child become an independent thinker right from when he’s a toddler. Give them chances to make little choices like what story they’d like you to read to them, what clothes they’d like to where and where they’d like to go on an outing.

How do you ensure your only child is not lonely? Please share!

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