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Eat This When Pregnant To Prevent Asthma In Kids

Asthma is defined as a respiratory condition marked by attacks of spasm in the bronchi of the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing. Before now, it’s often thought that asthma is totally genetic but experts believe that it can also be caused by environmental factors.

The good news is, there’s a way mothers can reduce the chances of their child having this condition. A study carried out by the University of Southampton discovered that mothers who eat oily fish such as salmon during pregnancy may be less likely to give birth to children with asthma.

 The leader of the study Prof Philip Calder followed a group of women who ate salmon twice a week from week 19 of pregnancy.

Allergy tests were then performed on the children at 6 months and then at 2-3 years of age. The results were then compared to a control group whose mums didn’t eat salmon during pregnancy.

The results, although not yet published showed that at 6 months, there was no difference in allergy rate between the two groups of children.

But at the age of two-and-a-half, children whose mums had consumed salmon while pregnant were less likely to have asthma.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women consume oily fish at least twice a week. Salmon is very expensive in Nigeria though that is if you can find it here at all. So I’d advise you eat oily fishes like salmon, trout, mackerel (same as titus), herring and sardines.

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I’m really scared of telling anyone apart from my husband I’m pregnant again. I have been trying to conceive for a while now, I got married  to my husband 6 years ago,  few months after our wedding, if I should fall sick a little, everyone starts to think I’m pregnant. I was hoping to get pregnant  too immediately after our wedding but since we are putting in effort and it’s not yielding results, we decided we will wait till God’s time. After our first year anniversary, friends and family start asking questions of what is keeping us, we just give them one excuse or the other and it went on like that for 2 more years.

I was fed up and tired from all the slide comments from my husband’s relative asking what is the problem is and what’s is keeping us from giving them grandchildren, we told them of all the medical test we’ve carried out and the result showed that we are both fine and it’s only a matter of time before we become parents. They promised to be patience with us and join us in prayers. God answered our prayers after our third year of marriage, we were so happy when we confirmed it, we could not contain our joy that we could not help but share the news with everyone that matters to us. Everyone was happy for us.

A week to the end of my first trimester, I woke up feeling fluids in between my thighs, I jolted out of bed to see blood all over my night wear, we rushed to the hospital  and after I was examined, our worst fear was confirmed. I had lost the baby. I was really devastated. That brought us back to the way we were before but this time, it’s even worse.  We were gloomy and sad but we believed in God that it happened for a reason.  We were steadfast with our prayers and kept a positive spirit.  8months after that incident, we were expecting again, we decided that we are going to keep it to ourselves this time or if at all, inform just our both parents. We informed them and they were happy all over again like they were the first time but we made them promise not to tell anyone this time until I’m showing.

I was one of the lucky ones, I tried not to do anything stressful just to avoid any situation that can lead to the first incident.  I was shocked when I started receiving calls from friends and family asking how I’m fairing with the pregnancy. These are people we never told anything and we just knew either of our parents cannot keep a secret.  I felt they might have jinxed it for us again and I was right, I was in the kitchen cooking a week after when I felt streams of blood running down my thighs. I screamed for my husband and he ran to my side. I was crying profusely even before we got to the hospital and the doctor confirmed it.  Our parents claimed it was just one person they told and the one person they told went and the one person told another person and the whole families have heard.

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