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Why Having An Early Rising Kid Is So Hard

When you become a mom, forget sleeping soundly! Even if the little soldiers don’t wake you up, you’re gonna be up worrying about what they’d eat to school the next morning, or something kid related and when you finally sleep, you sleep with one eyes closed, at the slightest cry, whine or cough from any of your kids you’ll leap up. That’s the life of a mom, now add one kid who is an early riser to the list and your chances of getting a good sleep is screwed!

I know cause I have a son who wakes up before the cock crows, he’s 9years old and immediately he wakes up by 3, everyone must wake up with him, whether he did it deliberately or not.  Since the day he was born till now, he wakes up before it’s 4’0clock and makes sure he wakes me up too.

When you have a kid that’s an early riser;


1. Sleeping in is OUT

Don’t bother telling your kids to be silent, no matter ho hard they try to be quiet they’ll still make a noise. The moment they wake up, they’ll drag things, make noise with things that should normally not make a sound and since your mom ears are wired to hear anything everything including the sound of cereals being poured into a bowl, you’d wake up.

2. Kids are freaking sneaky

And if you decide to hug your bed when your early riser kid is out of their bed and running, you are on your own! Everything you’ve deemed off-limit such as your favourite  pen, cupcakes, glue and ink will suddenly be lost. Those children see that moment when you are asleep as the perfect time to poke around knowing you can’t do anything in your sleep.

3. If they’re awake, then so is everybody else

Early risers are as loud as hell, when they wake up, they wake their siblings, how else will they have someone to play with? They get bored, need someone to play with and then they wake up their siblings.  And when the whole crew is awake, you know what happens, it’s either you wake up or they burn down the house before you do.

4. They can nap when they wish 

Early risers can always sleep anytime they like, after all they are kids and nobody can ever stop them from taking afternoon naps. If they woke up 3 a.m, they can sleep at 3 p.m who would stop them? But try sleeping at 3pm at work and see if you wouldn’t be in trouble.

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Does Your Child Itch Uncontrollably At Night? It Just Might Be Scabies

Scabies is an itchy rash that is caused by tiny mites called Sarcoptes scabiei.

These mites burrow into and lay egg under the skin. It is a common rash that spread fast through skin-to-skin contact. If your baby has been scratching his skin especially in the night then it might be scabies!

In the beginning, you can easily overlook the presence of scabies because it looks similar to the other types of rashes.  One of the distinct and unmistakable sign is that of continuous itching and trails of burrows on the skin where the female mite lays her egg.

The burrow trails are usually greyish to white colour. Mites often prefer the head, neck, face, palms, and soles of the feet to lay its egg. Scabies in children does not manifest fast. It takes about a month to six weeks for the skin to react to the infection. Scabies does not happen because your child or home is dirty.

Symptoms of Scabies in Kids

  • Unrelenting itching especially at night or after a hot bath
  • A pimple like rashes
  • Scales or blisters
  • Sores (due to scratching)

Ways of Contracting Scabies

Scabies mites can live up to two to three days on the surface of clothes, bedding, or towels. Scabies can easily spread fast at crowded places, day care centres where mites can easily crawl from one person to the other which could be from a caregiver or from infant to infants.

If an infected child shares beddings, play mats or towels and other clothing items it can escalate the outbreak. It is easy to catch it from an infected family member too.

Kids cannot contract scabies from pets because the mites that infect them is different from the one that infect humans.

Treatment of Scabies

If you confirmed that your baby has scabies and he attends a daycare then you have to notify the caregivers so they can contain the spread and get appropriate treatment for themselves and other babies even if they are not showing any signs of infection. Scabies is an infection that you cannot wave aside and wait it out, it needs to be treated with medications from the doctor to kill the mites.

Your child will have to stay at home until treatment is completed. Your doctor will likely prescribe a lotion or cream (usually 5% permethrin cream) to put on your baby’s skin.

Give your child a lukewarm bath or shower and dry her skin gently before you apply the cream all over the body. You can reapply on the hand if the child washes it off.  Leave the cream on for 8-12 hours. If your child has scabies, then the whole family should be treated at the same time.

Wash all clothing, linen, towels and soft toys, using the hottest setting possible to destroy the mites and its eggs. Vacuum all carpets and mattresses. For the things you can’t wash, spray them with insecticide and leave them closed in a plastic bag for up to a week to avoid reinfection.

If the itching continues for more than four weeks or a new rash appears, go see your doctor. Do not reapply the lotion or cream unless your doctor recommended it.

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