Does Iron Boosts Fertility?

Once the thought of trying to conceive comes to mind, boosting fertility becomes the next step to take. One of the ways to boost fertility is to ensure that your iron level is pumped up.

This is because there is a connection between iron and fertility.

Researchers found that women who took the iron supplement have a lower risk of not being able to produce healthy eggs compared to women who did not take an iron supplement. You need to know certain things before you grab those iron tablet and stuff it down your throat.

Not every woman need iron supplements: Researchers are yet to clearly recommend that women use iron as a fertility booster. However, even if it is not categorically recommended, it is not out of place to want to boost your iron level because it is one of the minerals your baby will take from your body so if you don’t have enough for yourself, how can you share with your growing baby in the womb? This is why some women come down with anemia in pregnancy.

Discuss with your doctor: When it comes to making the right decisions as regards fertility, conception, and pregnancy, you cannot do it without the counsel of your doctor. You need to consult with your doctor, who would do a blood test to ascertain the level of iron in your body. If your test shows a low iron level then your doctor may recommend an iron supplement with a suitable dose. If your iron level is okay then taking prenatal vitamin will just be right for you (prenatal vitamins still contain some iron)

Eat foods rich in iron: Apart from iron supplements, you can get iron naturally from the foods you eat. Iron can be gotten from animal and plant sources- meat, fish, poultry, shrimp, pork, beans, oats etc.

Remember, iron plays a role in improving fertility but it is not the sole factor that aids conception.

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Dealing With Anxiety After A Miscarriage

After having two miscarriages in 1 year, I became scared to try again for a baby, I was afraid I’d keep trying and losing them, and the third time I got pregnant, I didn’t tell anyone, I tried hard not to be excited, instead of being happy, I was scared shitless, stressed up and worried about what would happen next. If you’ve had a miscarriage and going through all these stages you are not alone! But you need to learn how to deal with the anxiety fear that comes with being pregnant again after a miscarriage.

Studies have shown that 1 in 4 pregnancies end up in miscarriage. Yet no woman would lose her child and not almost lose her mind, I’ve been there so I know how heart-wrenching it is. Which is why it’s not hard to understand why women who had miscarried are forever changed.

When they finally get pregnant, they become worried, for their unborn babies, have sleepless nights, I’d lost two babies before I finally carried the third one to term. Many women who have had miscarriages in the past sometimes dream about losing their baby when they finally get pregnant again.

A friend of mine who had had 4 miscarriages said “There are nights I’ll wake up sweating from a nightmare where I lost my baby again” When I wake up, I would hug my belly and cry as if the dream is for real. If my baby doesn’t kick to say good morning I’d become scared, and even though I was heavily pregnant and my bump was staring me in the face I still couldn’t believe I would be a mother”

Thankfully, she gave birth to the 5th pregnancy safely, a bouncing healthy baby boy! But this is the concern most moms who have had miscarriages in the past have when they finally become pregnant again.

To heal physically, what most women need is ample rest and proper diet to help them,  but healing emotionally? That’s usually tough. The feeling of guilt and shame may be there but to heal emotionally, you need to forgive yourself!

And talk about it, talk about how rough your path to motherhood has been to people or a friend who would listen and understand, the reason why most people don’t really heal is because they never really talk about their experience and rough journey to motherhood.

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