Conceiving After Abortion: What You Need To Know

Abortion involves detachment of the embryo from the uterine wall, followed by contraction of the uterus and pushing out of the embryo. The question that often comes to the mind of a woman after an abortion is? Will I ever be able to conceive again? They go into a state of dilemma, the truth is, it’s possible to become pregnant after an abortion, but experts advice that such women should be informed and aware of the risks involved in the process.

Is it safe to conceive after abortion?

If performed by a certified medical practitioner, the procedure is usually safe and shouldn’t affect fertility in any way. But if the procedure does not go well, and if it damages some reproductive organs like ovaries or the fallopian tubes, then you can fear the risk of complication.

Risk factors after abortion

Many unsafe abortions have resulted in complications for majority of women. Here are some of the complications that might occur;

1. Excessive bleeding

If the pregnancy is over 21 weeks, it can cause serious hemorrhage or excessive bleeding problems in women. And this can make the body iron-deficient. If the woman does not bleed to death, excessive bleeding does not affect a woman’s her chances to conceive in the future.

2. Damage

During an attempt to remove the foetus from the womb, damage may be done to the entrance of the womb. Especially if you’ve had repeated abortions. And if you did D&C, it could have caused scarring in the uterus, unknown to you.  This damage could affect conception.

3. Infection

An abortion done without medical guidance (or done by a quack doctor) can also lead to infections or pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). And this can affect  fertility and in some cases lead to death.

Note that: Unsafe abortions is considered risky, but medical abortion, conducted under proper medical supervision does not risk either fertility or future conception.

Before trying to conceive again, experts advice that women should abstain from sex for some time(at least 3 months) before trying to conceive. So your body can be given ample time to recuperate and fix any damage done to it.

How soon after abortion can I conceive?

You are advised to wait for at least 3 months for you to recuperate, but it’s possible for you to get pregnant some days after an abortion.

How to conceive after abortion

  • Consult your doctor: Whether you have a medical abortion or not, see your doctor (you can say you had a miscarriage if it was illegal). This will help you become  aware of any complications that may develop, or has developed
  • If you had complications during the abortion, consult your doctor and tell him how you’re feeling.
  • Keep fit: Do light exercises to be in the best position to conceive after an abortion. It will help freshen up your mind and body.
  • Start having sex again: After 3 months, start having sex in order to conceive. Increase the number of times you have sex to give you a better chance at conception.
  • Use ovulation kit: Use ovulation calculator to monitor your menstrual cycles. That way you’d be able to tell what date is perfect for trying for a baby.
  • And when resting (during the 3 months) lie straight, place a pillow below your hips, this will help with conception.

Experts recommend that you be extremely careful with your body in case you want to conceive after abortion. This means that you must keep yourself fit and eat recommended highly nutritious food that can also boost your immunity.

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To heal physically, what most women need is ample rest and proper diet to help them,  but healing emotionally? That’s usually tough. The feeling of guilt and shame may be there but to heal emotionally, you need to forgive yourself!

And talk about it, talk about how rough your path to motherhood has been to people or a friend who would listen and understand, the reason why most people don’t really heal is because they never really talk about their experience and rough journey to motherhood.

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