Celebrate & Win Prizes In World Breastfeeding Week 2016 Competition

Are you a breastfeeding mum? We say well done! to you, because we know it isn’t easy. Breastfeeding is an important aspect of motherhood and besides every baby needs a sugar mama. You!

To reward you for providing your child with one of the best gifts in life, we have an exciting competition that will coincide with World Breastfeeding Week on 1-6 August 2016.

To participate we would like for you to share your breastfeeding experience with other new and expectant mothers here on Mamalette in one of two ways.

Breastfeeding photo contest

Send your photograph of you breastfeeding your baby to take part in this contest. Entry dates are from July 25th to August 6th. What you first need to do to enter is send an email to [email protected]

In the email, please include the following:
– Your name
– Your telephone number
– One image of you breastfeeding your baby
– Description of photo and why you chose to breastfeed


– Pictures must not be older than two years
– Pictures must be submitted by mother or father
– Watermarks are not acceptable
– Pictures submitted after August 6th will be disqualified
– Pictures will be judged

Breastfeeding quiz

Answers the following 5 questions correctly by clicking on this link here, and stand a chance to win breastfeeding products from Nwana & Baby and NineKay Maternity Store for you and your baby.

Here’s a little reminder of the many benefits of breastfeeding:

1. A Healthy Baby

Breast milk contains immunities to diseases and helps in the development of baby’s immune system. Breastfeeding therefore protects your baby.

2. Bonding Between Mother And Baby

During breastfeeding there is skin to skin contact which helps many nursing mothers bond with their babies. This skin-to-skin contact can enhance the emotional connection between a mother and her baby.

3. Satisfies Baby’s Emotional Needs

Babies need to be held.  It is comforting for infants to be held close and cuddled while they are being breastfeeding. Breastfeeding your baby helps him or her develop emotional stability.

4. Nutrients And Protection

Naturally, breast milk contains many of the vitamins and minerals that a newborn requires except Vitamin D, so all breastfed babies should begin receiving vitamin D supplements during the first 2 months and continuing until the baby is a year old.

5. Breastfeeding Enhances Vaccine Effectiveness

Infants who are breastfed showed a great serum and secretory responses to peroral and parenteral vaccines than infants who are formula-fed. So after vaccination, it is advised you breast feed your baby.

6. Helps Pass Meconium

When babies are born, they are born with a sticky tar-like substance called meconium in their intestines. The first milk or colostrum helps move this substance through the infant’s body.

7. Free Of Charge

Breastfeeding saves you money! With breastfeeding you don’t have to spend a kobo and unless you’re pumping breast milk and giving it to your baby, there’s no need for bottles, nipples, and other supplies that can cost you money.

8. Beneficial For Mom

Helps mom lose baby weight after birth, prevent post-partum hemorrhage, and if you are breastfeeding your baby exclusively it serves as a natural contraceptive.

9. Sharp Brain

Some studies suggest that children who were exclusively breastfed have slightly higher IQs than children who were formula fed. There is strong evidence that children who were breastfed score higher on IQ tests, as well as on teacher ratings of their academic performance.

10. Easy To Digest

Infants can easily digest human milk more easily than the milk of other animals, this may be because human milk contains an enzyme that aids digestion.

11. It’s cheap!

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It’s that simple……

Read more to learn how to participate in the competition.

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