Tips On Breastfeeding Twins

I admit twins are soooo adorable, yes, that they are. They are a awesome lot too, though. I met a woman with twins inside the bus once and I pitied her. Taiye was sucking the left breast and Kenny wanted to suck that same left breast, their mother tried cajoling Kenny to take the right breast while Taiwo is sucking the left but he wouldn’t compromise. He started crying and screaming while using his leg to push Taiye off the said breast. I wanted to laugh at the sight, like seriously! Must they suck from the same breast?

The truth is breastfeeding is work, although a rewarding one, breastfeeding twins requires even more work and dedication. And once your babies start breastfeeding, you might be afraid you’d become exhausted and you might have low milk supply. Preparing ahead for nursing and get support from your baby’s doctor, family and friends once your babies are born can help you successfully breastfeed.
Does breastfeeding take more time than bottle feeding?

Feeding your baby at the same time will make the feeding time fast, but if you are planning on bottle feeding them, it takes the same amount of time to simultaneously bottle-feed your babies as breastfeeding. Meanwhile, you will still have to wash and sterilize bottles, prepare and warm formula if you choose to bottlefeed. In other words, breastfeeding saves more time than bottle feeding.
How can nurse two babies at the same time?

  • To feed your babies at the same time, use a nursing pillow or roll up towels to support your babies, you can also buy nursing pillows designed specifically for nursing twins.
  •  Using a pillow, you can change your nursing positions, it’s helpful to change breasts for them from time to time, say if Taiwo feeds on the left breast today, let Kehinde feed on it tomorrow. Switching back and forth regularly helps produce equal amounts of milk in both breasts and reduces the chance of blocked milk ducts. Besides, switching breasts will also help your babies’ eyes get exercise and stimulation.
  • In a situation whereby one has to stay in the hospital, while breastfeeding on one side, pump on the other to keep up your breast milk supply.

Can I produce enough milk to nourish more the twoof them?

If you breastfeed your babies often, your body will definitely produce (supply) according to how much your babies suck. Low milk supply can be corrected by nursing often, and if your babies are drinking enough to empty your breast, you’ll need to pump.

How do I know if my babies are getting enough to eat?

Check how much weight your babies are gaining to know if they are getting enough breast milk. Newborns normally lose between 5 and 9% of their birth weight before regaining it by the time they’re 2 weeks old. By the 5th day after they are born, they should start gaining at least an ounce a day. If you are concerned, get your baby’s weight checked.

Here are other signs that your babies are getting enough breastmilk;

  • Your babies eat at least every two to three hours or at least eight times a day
  • They have at least three stools each day and the stools lighten to a yellowy-mustard color by the fifth day after birth.
  • They’re gaining an ounce a day by the fifth day after birth until at least 3 months of age.
  • They wet seven or eight cloth diapers a day, or five to six disposables. Stools and weight gain are the best ways to tell how your babies are doing.
  • Your breasts feel softer after nursing.

And if you find you bond with one baby more than the other, there’s probably a reason for this, find time to give each of them love and attention, they both deserve it.  Read How To Get Pregnant With Twins

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Is Lying Down To Breastfeed Dangerous?

Can lying down to breastfeed your baby really be dangerous? Yes, in some cases. There are times when mothers have to breastfeed their baby lying down, like when baby wakes up in the middle of the night to feed or when you are too tired to sit up, hold him and breastfeed him. Since babies often wake up in the middle of the night to feed, so the mother finds a safe and easy position to breastfeed her baby i.e lying down to breastfeed.

”My two kids who are now 3 years old and 5 respectively were breastfed while lying on my side countless times when they want to feed and I’m too tired to sit up and nurse them and nothing ever happened to the two of them. I don’t see breastfeeding lying down as a problem”

However, breastfeeding baby to sleep can be dangerous in two cases;

1. Falling asleep while breastfeeding baby

The danger in breastfeeding baby while lying down is if the mother should fall asleep, she can squash her baby to death.  If this happens, the death is often classified as SIDS but it is in fact suffocation, and no mother can feel good knowing she caused the death of her baby.

If a mother accidentally falls asleep while breastfeeding her baby, her breast might cover the nose of her baby while she’s asleep, cutting off the air supply to the baby’s airways, such mother might wake up to a lifeless blue baby and it will be her fault, this guilt is just too much to risk such.

Only mothers who gave birth through C-section are advised to breastfeed while lying down and they should not be tired enough to sleep off. Nursing while lying on your side can cause your baby to choke to death.

2. Ear infection

Nursing your baby while lying on your side can give your baby ear infection. When breastfeeding your baby, it’s easy for the breast milk to swim into one of his ears, when this happens, the fluid builds up in the middle of the ear creating a warm, moist environment where germs love to grow and tada! Bacteria and viruses will invade and thrive in your child’s ear causing them to become cranky, pained and have fever, all of which are symptoms of an ear infection.

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