Things To Take Note Of When Your Baby Boy Is Getting His First Hair Cut

Editorial Team

I remember when my son was getting his first haircut, I was a nervous wreck honestly, i knew that at almost a year old he was going to have to get his hair cut soon but nothing could have prepared me for that day. You see this was my first born and I loved his afro so much, it was the cutest thing ever. I even started plaiting it for him at a point, this freaked my mother in law out so much, she couldn’t understand why i would be plaiting his hair. Even at that I loved just keeping his hair, it was so soft unlike mine, he took his dad’s hair.

My husband never really had a problem with me plaiting my baby’s hair until he was driving by one day and a neighbourhood acquaintance asked about his daughter. He said he just smiled and said fine but did not say anything until he got home and said someone referred to our baby as a girl. It was then I confessed to him that the woman thought our son was a girl because I plait his hair.

We laughed it off but that day he told me that our son was going to get his haircut he next weekend so I should just prepare my mind.  While I was nervous about the whole process, I couldn’t miss it for anything in the world. So the first thing we did was get a brand new Haircut kit specially for my baby boy.

After the kit we decided to take him to his dad’s barbing salon. After that the next thing on my mind was how to make the process as effortless as possible for my son as possible.

  • Bring a change of clothes- From watching my brothers cut their hair, I knew my baby was going to get hair on his body, so I brought a change of clothes in case he needed it or his body started itching him and I needed to change and clean up his body.
  • Don’t use force- If your child is as restless and active as mine, you might be tempted to hold him down which would probably just lead to more drama. Instead just look for ways to distract him from what is going on on his head.
  • Bring along his pacifier or his favorite toy for him to play with. The day before I also downloaded Penguins of Madagascar and Cars 2 to keep him busy for the whole time.
  • Bring snacks take along his biscuits, ribena, caprisonne or your child’s favorite drink. My child likes ribena so that worked well for me. Avoid anything sticky like lollipop though
  • Bring extra people if you can, an entertaining older sibling may be just the thing to keep your baby happy, since my child is my first, i took along his favorite cousin(my sister’s son) and my sister. My nephew even had his haircut also so it wasn’t that daunting for my son because he had seen his cousin get his haircut too.  

Take note not to take someone that would cry also oo because that would just cause a ripple effect.

The most important thing through it all for me was making sure we was took a break in between the cutting which trust me was very helpful so make sure you go to a barber that you trust and would be patient when cutting his hair.