Q&AThis is only pushing me further away.
Mamalette Support Team Staff asked 4 months ago

Good day house, please I need your help here because I know a lot of mamas in here can relate to my story. So in the last two weeks my husband has checked my cell phone three times that I know of. He thinks I'm up to no good and that I'm running around on him. I've posted on here my feelings about wanting to leave him because of his attitude towards me and other things. This is only pushing me further away. He is accusing me of things I would never even think of doing, he's my husband, I would not cheat on him. If I was going to leave him it would not be so that I could get into another situation. All three times he has admitted to snooping, I have valid excuses that always checks out. I'm not a liar, never have been. I always tell him the truth about everything. He feels that I'm up to no good when ever I get on Facebook even though I've showed him all that I do on there. He can look at anything on my computer any time, most of my passwords are already set on there. I just don't understand it! It is not that he has ever caught me cheating on him, he just keeps looking for what is not. Please I need something to get him off my phone. What can I do to get him to stop checking my phone and laptop behind my back. Please Mamas help me, this issue is really giving me great concern.

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