Q&Ahe is seeing someone else
Mamalette Support Team Staff asked 4 months ago

Mamalettes I need your opinion or suggestions on how to tackle the problem am facing in my home. My husband could be a very nice,loving and caring man but their are days when he is something else. He shouts at me at the slightest provocation and can form being angry with me for a while for the slightest reason. Yesterday I noticed his movement and when I checked his phone I found out he was seeing someone,i confronted him and he lied though I didn't tell him how I knew I just told him he came back late because he had a appointment with a babe which at first he formed anger and later denied accusing me of bringing trouble to my marriage.today he went out and turned off his phone for a while and I had a feeling he was with a woman because when he later turned on his phone he claimed to have had a flat battery. This is someone who doesn't joke with his phone and all his cars have a charger. I accused him of turning off his phone knowingly which he denied and since then their have been friction in our home. He even left with his brother and friend to hang out again.i don't know how to handle this issue. My husband knows how to keep malice and am sure he is having a affair and that's why all this attitude.he doesn't just as usual with me anymore instead he prefers leaving the house and hanging out with others. What can I do Mamalette because am always the one trying to make peace each time. While he enjoys himself outside. How can I be happy and don't care. Am a stay at home wife who runs our agriculture business

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