Q&AMy mother thinks my wife is rude
Mamalette Support Team Staff asked 4 months ago

Good house, please I need your advice here. I knew this about my wife before we married, so I knew the score. She's great every single day when it's Me, her and Baby. She's loving to me, we respect each other, we have fun together, we love our baby. We're in our early 30's. She's 30, i'm 32. Only thing is she can be so shy & insecure sometimes but she's fine with me, we laugh, she shouts when we play, she really lets loose but only when it is just us, even out in public, she sings out loud to our baby, she'll laugh out loud, we have fun. But around my my Mother she's shy to the point of not talking sometimes and sitting quiet and uncomfortable. It's like she just shuts off and it comes off as if she is rude because that is what my mother thinks and my mother as a problem with that. She doesn't have many friends she calls or hangs out with. It always fun for her to find old friends on Facebook to meet up or she gets invited to things, she never goes. She's just too shy and wouldn't know what to say, she says.
Anyway, anyone else like this? I accept my wife, i love her and she "works" for me, for my soul. But whenever dealing with my Family or any outsiders (having people over or going to other people's houses)it's just such a STRUGGLE to pump her up! I can't get her to be comfortable around my family. I just had a fight with my Mother last week due to her asking why my Wife is so rude and whenever we go to their house. I defended my wife of course, but in the back of my mind, My Mother has a point. Her behavior can come off as rude. it's our only hardship in our marriage. Please help?

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