Q&ACategory: Marriage & RelationshipsIs it wrong of me to seek my Mother's opinion?
Anonymous asked 8 months ago

Hello mamas, my husband is mad at me for seeking my mother's opinion on the issue that he thought was supposed to be personal amongst us. We have 3 children and my husband suggested I did family planning so that we don't conceive any child again so I sought my mother's opinion. I asked her if it was okay for me to do family planning and my mother said Never!!! She called my husband immediately and told him that family planning is against our religious beliefs as Catholic. She said it is not on her life that her daughter would commit such sacrilege. I am Catholic but I converted after marriage but even before now, I didn't know of anything like this. Now my husband is furious that I brought my mother into our personal affairs. I have apologized severally but he's not listening, he's still insisting I go for the plan. Mamas please, is there anything I can do to please both my mother and husband that won't cause wahala. Please advice me.

3 Answers
Ngozi answered 8 months ago


Beauty answered 5 months ago

first how many kids do u plan to have? if three then go for the family planning. It is our choice. with the economy 

J. O answered 5 months ago

Look at it this way: would u invite ur mom to sleep in the bedroom u share with ur husband? No. So, what happens in the bedroom is not her business and for that reason he felt embarrassed and humiliated. Second, you don't have to please ur mother on this one. If she asks what ur decision is just say "we agreed with u" while u do what ur husband thinks is best for u two, of course with ur consent. 

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