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Mummy B asked 1 year ago

My colleague at work told us that she loves her husband more than she loves her children and a few people agreed and I could not believe it. Her reason was her kids are going to grow older, fall in love, get married and move on. Her husband was there from the beginning and always will be. I did not mean any harm but I told her " your husband can decide to pack up and leave any day and he'll no longer be your  husband. He'll be your ex husband. Your kids are forever. You will never have an ex son or daughter. She stood firmly about how she felt. I feel sorry for her kids. I would NEVER put anyone before my kids. Me and my husband even talked about this and he agreed. We put our kids first and everything else after. It doesn't mean we don't love each other we just love our kids as well.  How do you feel about loving your spouse more than your kids? 

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larry answered 1 year ago

She is right dear. When i was a teenager i also found out that my mum love my dad than us ,i was jealous and feel bad towards it but now that i am married i understand better. My siblings and i are all grown up and leave their home to find our lives but my parent are still rocking the boat together. Your prayer should be let the Man keep being the man of you dream.

Sonwa answered 1 year ago


mamalett_dev answered 1 year ago

See answers here https://www.facebook.com/MamaletteNG/posts/1115830898504693

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