Q&AHow should I tell her I am sorry
Mamalette Support Team Staff asked 4 months ago

Good day house, please I need advise on how to appreciate my loyal beautiful wife. Long story short, we have been married for 20 years, two kids. Good marriage, but my wife does not show affection much which makes me insecure from time to time. I have been working around the clock the last few weeks and I can tell that she has been feeling neglected. Today, she was in a poor mood so I asked her what was wrong: "nothing" she said, so like a fool, I asked why she was so distant, and that she has been distant for some time. She then turned very cold, but later she told me that this insulted her greatly, that she has not been distant, and that I had no right to say it. She then suggested that perhaps I am the distant one because I am so consumed with myself and work. I did not argue. I finally now know that she is right, I can be distant when I am preoccupied with work, which is often. Now I know that this is why she is distant. What a fool I have been. Its a crazy circle that has been going on for years: I am "not there", she pulls away, I take notice and ask her why she is so distant. Usually she says nothing, but this time her words made sense to me. I said I was sorry, but she is very angry with me, and she probably will be for some time. I am truly sorry, and want to fix this for good, but how? I am the one that needs help. Any advice? What should I do, or say? How should I express that I sorry, and that I want to change?

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