Unstable Relationships Causes Fear During Childbirth

Editorial Team

I have seen firsthand what an unstable relationship can do to a person. The people usually most affected by an unstable relationship are the children born into this relationship. The rate at which children are born into broken, toxic and unstable relationships in Nigeria especially in this present day world is alarming. As if that is not enough new research has indicated that an unstable relationship can affect the mother during pregnancy and also childbirth.

An Italian study involving 426 women found that a particular predictor of fear women for women in late into their pregnancy was a troubled couple relationship. This is usually caused because the woman is depressed during the pregnancy due to the absence or not having the support of her partner which usually lead to anxiety during childbirth also.

A good relationship with a partner is a source of safety for women but if this relationship is poor, it could be generating a feeling of being unsafe, a natural response to which is fear. In those days it was practically a taboo for a man to be present in the delivery room with his wife but now it is sort of becoming a norm.

Research has shown that it helps the woman when her husband is present at the birth. He helps to encourage her through out the process and some men even say although they were initially skeptical about the process, they would not trade it for the world.

Pregnancy was always considered a woman's thing but now a lot of men are very involved in the pregnancy and birth of their baby. Being present make them feel very included during the birth of their baby.