Pregnant Woman Commits Suicide During Labour

Editorial Team

A lot of women have lost their lives and that of their babies due to misconceptions about cesarean operation. In China a pregnant 24 year old woman jumped from the hospital window when her family refused to approve her cesarean section against the doctor’s order killing herself and her baby.

A statement from the hospital says Ms Ma was 41 weeks pregnant, and that doctors had decided that "the large foetal head circumference meant that vaginal delivery would have been very risky".

A doctor at the hospital, said that Ms Ma "left the ward twice and told her family that the pain was unbearable, and that she wanted a cesarean section, but the family were not willing to allow the procedure."

Finally, at about 8 pm, Ma fell from the 5th floor of the hospital to her death. Her baby died as well.

However, the family has disputed the hospital's statement. Yan, Ma's husband, has said in his statement that Ma had asked to have a C-section and he had agreed immediately.

He also said that the doctor had checked Ma's condition and said she was going to give birth soon, and did not need a C-section.

Almost an hour later, he was informed by the nurse that Ma was not to be found. According to his statement, he later saw Ma's body being lifted from the ground and put onto a stretcher.

Chinese law stipulates that medical staff must seek permission from family members before carrying out major surgical procedures.

A woman once said her mother vehemently refused for her to have cesarean section even though the doctor had already told her earlier on that it was going to be the best option for her and her baby.

My aunty once told me that she had to sign for herself when her husband was too scared to sign for her to have a cesarean section. The funny part is she was pregnant with twins at the time.

The doctor even admitted that it was ethically wrong for him to allow her to sign but he had to because the husband did not look like he was going to have the courage to sign it.

The topic of cesarean section is very sensitive some people even go as far as saying it not normal and women who delivered via cesarean did not really give birth.

There is usually a lot of discrimination against mothers that give birth via cesarean section as opposed to vaginal delivery. But the fact is sometimes a cesarean birth is needed to save the life of a mum or baby, in which case it is without question the safest option.

This also made a lot of people question why a pregnant woman did not have the right to sign her own papers in a situation whereby the family are not willing, especially if it would mean she could lose her life.

The case of the Chinese woman is one of many other stories that we don't hear about, it is so sad because a pregnant woman in labour felt the best option for her was committing suicide and it could have been prevented.

Do you think women should also be allowed to sign especially in a situation whereby the family are not willing to sign?