Different Ways To Tell Your Husband He Is Going To Be A Dad

Editorial Team

Nowadays we see a lot of creative ways that couples reveal the sex of their baby, but what of when you want to tell your husband that he is going to be a dad. When a woman gets pregnant the first person she want to tell is obviously her husband I mean it is their baby, so how do you surprise your husband with the news that you are going to be having a baby.

The truth is both men and women look forward to the day that they get to have a baby. If you think you are excited about having a baby trust me your husband might even be more excited than you. Instead of just blurting it out why not look for a fun and creative way to tell him whereas planning a surprise can be fun. Here  are some nice ways to tell him that he is going to be a dad:

  • Wear a shirt that says I am pregnant and wait for him to get back from work and surprise him with it. Imagine him coming from work tired and he meets you at home with a shirt on that says you are pregnant. That would definitely be the highlight of his day.
  • If your husband is the type to eat before going to work, you can get him a special customized mug from Mamalette store saying either you are going to be a dad or we are pregnant or baby on board. Serve him his tea or coffee with the cup when he see it, am sure he is going to be floating in the air with joy throughout the day.

  • If you already have a child, you can incorporate him/her in the surprise. You can get a shirt saying I am going to be a big brother or sister and get them to wear it before you husband comes back and surprise him with it.
  • You can also get him a t-shirt that says Newest dad in town or Proud new dad from Mamalette store and give him as a gift. He would definitely be very surprised and happy when he sees this.

  • If your husband is the type that has a sweet tooth you can get him cupcakes or cookies designed with words like We are expecting or congratulation  you are going to be a dad.

There are a lot of ways to surprise your husband, get creative, play around with things he likes to do like his hobbies and use those ways to surprise him. I am sure it would be one of those memories that both of you would keep for the rest of your life