Tips On Preparing Your Child For The New School Session

Editorial Team

Mamas, the long summer holiday is almost over, I am so excited, it feels like this summer holiday has been on forever. I woke up this morning with so much excitement because I realized that today was the last day of August and Sept 11th isn’t so far off after all.

Since the beginning of the holiday not only have my kids been at home but my younger sister’s kids also came to spend the holiday and are going back to their house today. Maybe that’s why this holiday has felt extremely long. I love them but I can’t wait for them to resume back at school

With all the fun that the kids have been having I have come to realise that they would soon be resuming and I have to buy a lot of things and prepare them for the beginning of a new school session.

This are some tips to use when preparing your kids for the new session:


  • Get them back into routine: If you kids are anything like mine by now the routine you carefully created for them during the school year has been disrupted. An example of such routine is sleeping before 8pm, during school days I always make sure they are asleep before 8pm, but since the holiday has begun they have been sleeping late and waking up late also. Now I have started making sure that they are asleep by 8pm and awake by 6am so they begin to get used to it before school starts. Lack of sleep has been linked to obesity and inattention at school.
  • Check The School Uniforms and Shoes: The way kids grow nowadays ehn, you would be shocked, so make sure you check their shoes and uniforms to make sure that they still fit. If you need to buy new shoes or uniforms or if they are already looking old or torn, you will have ample time to either repair it or buy new ones. They would probably need new pairs of socks also.
  • Check Their Food Flasks and Water Bottles: Check to make sure that their food flasks and water bottles are still good and usable so you will also be able to replace it in time before school starts. When buying water bottles or food flasks make sure you buy the type that your child would be able to open on their own without necessarily needing the teacher to help out.
  • Homework: Children are always given enough assignments to last them for the whole holiday. Make sure they have finished all their assignments  before they resume back to school.
  • Check the school bag and buy extra books: I don't know about you but my kids do over twenty subjects, what they are using all the subjects to do I don't know o but that means that I have to buy about 30 note books for each person. They would not only need books for the subject but they would also need homework books, lesson books so I would always have to buy a lot of books in case they need it.  Then I have to buy pencils, sharpeners, erasers, rulers and so much more.
  • Most of the time I just buy excess and keep it at home in case they need extra. I always check their school bags also to make sure it is still good and would take their books and any other thing they would need for school. Thank God for School Kits where I can get all this things at just one stop.

Kids are always skeptical about the new school session especially if they have been at home for a long time. Before school starts get them excited about the new session, talk positively about the new term, don't compare them to other kids especially if they did not do so well the last term just encourage them.

Kids get excited when they see their new shoes, socks, books and stationeries has probably already made them excited. Now you have to start preparing what they would eat before going to school, in school and after school. You can check here for ideas on meals you can prepare for them.