Things To Take Note Of When Packing Your Child's School Bag

Editorial Team

I remember the first day I had to pack my daughter’s school bag for her first day in nursery school. I thought it would be very simple and I would be done within minutes but boy was I wrong. I ended up over packing the bag because I couldn't help feeling like she was going to need everything at home.

I wanted to pack her bag in such a way that she would be able to carry the bag without much assistance but by the time I finished packing the bag was heavy even for me. I had to come up with a list of items that she would really need for the hours she was going to be spending in school.

Packing your child’s school bag might seem like a very simple thing at first until it becomes tedious. Hopefully by sharing this tips with you I would be able to make the process easier for you.

  • The first step is to get a school bag that would fit your child and he/she would like also. It would be best to get a bag that would be able to carry all her essentials apart from her lunchbox and water bottle which would go into another bag.
  • Books and stationery are very important when a child is going to school so for a child resuming in nursery school, he/she probably doesn’t need more than a pencil case filled with pencils, coloured pencils,crayons and erasers. The school will have most of the books, anyways you would probably just be packing her homework notebooks.
  • With the rate at which rain has been falling lately, I would advise that you pack a raincoat and cardigan into your child’s school bag. A raincoat would fit into the school bag better than an umbrella whereas an umbrella would probably be too big for the child.
  • An extra pair of uniform. Children can be very messy, either when they are playing or eating so I always pack an extra pair of uniform in case the teacher needs to change her uniform. I put it in a separate nylon in her bag and tell the teacher in case it would be needed.
  • Wipes and sanitizer. I make sure the sanitizer smells nice and not too alcoholic, I always encourage her to use it after she uses the toilet and when she is about to eat. Wipes can never really go to waste so i always pack the small size into her bag in case she needs it.
  • When packing her lunch bag, I always make sure she has enough water and snacks to last her the whole day.

Now she has everything she needs for the day, I always leave my contact which whichever teacher is in charge of the class in case he/she would need to get in touch with me. I also put a sheet of paper with my contact details in her school bag it in case anyone needs ito get in touch with me.