Oral S.x During Pregnancy Can Be Harmful To Your Baby

Editorial Team

When a pregnant woman reaches her third trimester, belly size makes a lot of s.x positions physically impossible, making it easier for couples to resort to oral s.x. Experts are warning that when pregnant women are going through the last stage of pregnancy, their immune system is compromised and they are at a greater risk of contracting S.xually Transmitted Infections(STIs).

According to Nurse Practitioner and STI Expert Terri Warren, the biggest risk is when a woman contracts herpes in her third trimester.

She said that babies have a 50 per cent chance of being born with the disease if their mothers contracted it during pregnancy.

Joe Aquilina, a consultant obstetrician said he agrees with Ms Warren, and would suggest pregnant women ‘avoid oral s.x’.

He told Metro.co.uk: ‘If the father has a cold sore around the lips and they engage in oral s.x, she could get a primary infection.’

To reduce the chance of this infection passing to the baby, he said he would not advise having a natural birth.

Dr Aquilina said: ‘If the woman had a primary infection I would advise erring on the side of caution and having a c-section.’

Even if a condom is worn, STIs can still be transmitted. It can provide a barrier for fluids but it does not stop all skin-to-skin contact, leaving a risk of infection from HPV, herpes, syphilis, pubic lice, or scabies.

STI experts advise that the safest way to avoid infecting a pregnant mother is to stay clear of oral s.x altogether.

Source: MetroUK