I Killed My Baby For Money Rituals - Mother

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A 38-year-old woman, Kwaseve Fagal, said she murdered her newborn baby boy for money ritual to get out of poverty. The housewife who had nursed a full-term pregnancy, was delivered of a baby boy in her home at Gakerko village, Keana Local Government area of Nasarawa State, but the joy of her husband, Paul Fagal, aged 40, evaporated shortly after.

Unknown to her husband Paul, his wife acting on the instruction of a herbalist, discreetly took the infant to a secluded area of the community shortly after birth and killed him. Then, she took his blood in a clay pot and dumped the remains in a nearby stream.

But the bubble burst as the sudden disappearance of the baby aroused apprehension in the community, amid suspicion that the mother from hell might have committed sacrilege. After summoning all the women in the community for interrogation, a threat by the village head, Mathew, unveiled Kwaseve as the perpetrator of the dastardly act.

She eventually led a search party to a stream where the decomposed body of the baby was recovered, but kept sealed lips on the motive for the act till she was arrested and taken away by the police.

While she was in custody, she told a shocking tale of the circumstances that led her into killing her child to shake off the shackles of poverty.

“Life became very difficult for my husband and I, to a point that having food daily became a problem, not to talk of catering for the two children we already had. The kids were not feeding well; we go hungry for days because we don’t have money to buy food. Though we are farmers, things didn’t just work well for us. That was why when the baba (Alhaji Loko), who hails from Kaduna State approached me with an offer to lift the burden of abject poverty, I gladly accepted”, she narrated.

“He told me if I sacrificed my unborn child for rituals, I will never be poor again; that I will produce money as desired, but warned me not to disclose the arrangement to my husband. He instructed me that when I am delivered of the baby, I should get a clay pot and discreetly kill the child at a stream, put some of his blood in the pot and return with it properly covered. He asked me to throw the remains of the body into the stream, conceal the pot filled with blood in a sack and keep it at a hidden spot inside my thatch-roofed mud kitchen.

He warned that nobody should open the sack except me, and that I should get him a portion of the blood, which I did. He assured me that after 12 days of performing the ritual, money will start spinning inside the sack daily, and poverty will no longer be my companion. I kept the plan secret and did as instructed; but I committed the act in the interest of the family with the conviction that even if I killed the baby to get out of poverty, I will bear another child in future”.
Now, she is in deep trouble and the herbalist who allegedly prompted her into committing the act has vanished from the community. Kwavese says she is haunted by images of her dead baby which constantly roamed her mental landscape.

His shrill cry as I murdered him echoes in my memory, and it haunts me; I’m full of regret, but it is too late. It is hard and unthinkable that a mother would do that to her child, but I did it. I want my husband to forgive me because I did it to better our lives, as we had owed huge debts with no hope of offsetting them. I will go to God to seek forgiveness if I am lucky to be left off the hook”.

Time shall tell if her  husband, Paul, would accept her plea for forgiveness, but certainly, not at the moment. He is still at a loss as to why she committed such heinous act, as he prayed God to grant the soul of his son peace, and eternal rest.

“I will consult with my parents and in-law on the fate of my wife”, he said when contacted on the incident.

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