Drinking Alcohol And Wearing Tight Clothes Can Cause Infertility In Men

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One of the major issues particularly in this part of the world, is that men drink a lot of alcohol. So alcohol is a risk factor and also spending a lot of time in the car because what happens especially if you are driving a car that generates heat. This goes towards the scrotum area and that can reduce sperm count. Also we live in a warm environment and a lot of people wear tight clothes surrounding their organs and that also reduces the sperm count. 
Dr. Olajuwon Alabi, a Medical Director at Southshore Women and Children’s Hospital, Lagos said this during an interview with Nume Ekeghe for This Day Live where he talked about risk factors associated with infertility, myths and solution
He said the best thing is to live safe, drink a lot of water, no smoking, and no drinking. Also, when you are at home, and you aren’t obligated to cover yourself, maybe take your underwear off so air can circulate. Watch what you eat as well, obesity is a contributory factor both for men and for female as well.
There is a research where what they did was ensure sperm was exposed to cigarette and they can see the sperm die off. So it is natural that when we see couples, we inquire if any of them smokes and advise they don’t. So lifestyle modification is very important. Do a lot of exercise, eat healthy, drink a lot of water and be careful of what you wear, as well particularly men.
This article was gotten from This Day Live 



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