Baby Suspected To Have Zika Virus Born In Benue

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A woman in Ucha Village, Naka road, Benue state was said to have given birth to a baby suspected to have been been infected with Zika Virus. A Benue-based activist, Ukan Kurugh, told Pulse that the baby was born on Monday, July 31, 2017.

“This baby, was delivered yesterday 8:00 a.m, at Ucha village naka road no11,” Kurugh said. “I reliably heard the poor parents are planning to throw her away.

“I was made to understand, that there was something like a boil on her forehead, after some time the boil like thing started flowing down until the eyes were covered. Hope this is not Zika virus?

“What could be the cause of such delivery anyways,” he asked.

Baby suspected to have been infected with Zika Virus in Benue state
Baby suspected to have been infected with Zika Virus in Benue state. Source: Ukan Kurugh from The Pulse

The Zika virus is an infection that can cause the microcephaly birth defect in infants, resulting in the head and brain not fully developing. Zika virus is a virus carried by the Aedes mosquito and is transmitted to humans via the bite of an infected mosquito.

However, a staff of the Federal Medical Centre, Keffi, Ashimom Timothy Msughter links the symptoms to another health condition.

"This looks more like Anencephaly, a congenital disorder characterised by absence of the major portions of the brain during embryonic development. The commonest cause is deficiency of folic acid, needed for neural tube formation during embryogenesis," she said.

"Nothing can be done about this case unfortunately, because all babies born with this condition will eventually die, sometimes immediately after birth. However ad a way of prevention women who intend to conceive are advised to eat foods rich in folic acid, especially fruits and vegetables. Sometimes women are placed on daily folic acid tablets few months before they conceive," she added.

Kurugh wants both the state and federal ministries of health to investigate the baby's health condition. As at the time of filing this report, it has not been confirmed if the baby is actually suffering from the Zika Virus or otherwise.

If indeed it is true that the baby has Zika Virus then that means that the mosquitoes carrying the virus is really in Nigeria and we have to protect ourselves. People infected with the zika virus dont usually have any symptoms or very mild symptoms similar to that of malaria but a blood or urine test will show the presence of the virus. 

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This news was gotten from Pulse Nigeria