Pregnant Woman And Baby Dies After She Was Beaten To Death By Husband

Editorial Team

Domestic violence is becoming a growing national problem in Nigeria, gone are the days when our mothers took it as part of their duty to suffer in silence, now women are coming out and speaking against domestic violence and advising other women to leave such abusive marriages. We hear stories of women who did not have the courage to leave such relationships and ended up dead.

I heard a story of a woman who was abused by her husband for years until she died leaving two girls behind, as if that was not enough the man started having se.ual relations with his daughters after the death of his wife. Most women that are affected claim to stay in such abusive relationship because of their children whereas the children are the ones that are negatively affected the most. 

I have a friend whose mother ran away from her abusive soldier (A general) husband leaving her son and daughter in his care because she did not have the resources and means to be able to take care of them on her own. Years after she left, the man started sleeping with his daughter in secret, without the knowledge of his son, till today the girl finds it hard to break away from her father even though she is now in a serious relationship. This issue of domestic violence goes beyond just one person and ends up affecting practically everyone involved.

Recently we heard of the story of a woman Chinyere Sylvia Akaleme (nee Igbo), who endured domestic violence at the hands of her husband Obinna who she had been married to for over five years. Sylvia who was an electrical engineer like most women endured the violence in her home in silence even after suffering from 4 miscarriages due to the abuse she received from her husband.

She even allegedly had a miscarriage after eight months of pregnancy to show how serious the abuse was. She was so good at hiding it that nobody from her family knew what she was going through at the hands of her husband.

Because she had been having miscarriages, her parents came to take her to their place when she got pregnant again, it was there she was able to carry her baby to term far away from her abusive husband. On her due date her husband came to pick her and took her to the hospital on getting there the doctor pronounced both mother and baby healthy and told them to come back in the evening for the delivery.

Unfortunately for  her, on their way back to the house she got into an argument with her husband which lead to another beating which in turn lead to her losing her life along with that of her baby. It was said that her husband beat her and abandoned her taking both his phone and hers and switching it off so she did not have access to help.

It was until later when he arrived and met her at the verge of death that he took her to the hospital where the doctors tried to save her and her baby to no avail. Both mother and child were buried recently.

This is one of many cases of men beating their pregnant wives to death and the truth is it is not just a Nigerian problem, it is a global problem. In Lagos, there are protocols in place to protect women that are undergoing domestic violence, but why are women still suffering in silence?

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