Why Ask Other Mums Health Questions Instead Of Going To The Hospital?

Editorial Team

Mamalettes do you know that it can be dangerous to seek for health information on social media?

Here on Mamalette, there is a high number of mothers who come online to ask questions from other mothers or fathers about their health and the health of their children and babies. 

While asking for people's experiences with coping with certain conditions is generally not out of order but asking health questions from strangers online rather than going to a hospital or a doctor or other qualified health professional is dangerous.

The truth is that a lot of people share health information, prescribe medication or diagnose illnesses online without any medical knowledge or expertise. What is particularly alarming is when people recommend medication for pregnant women, babies and children. This is wrong.

While we encourage parents to communicate and rub minds with each other on how to cope with certain situations, we have always been advocate for visiting your hospital and communicating with your doctor or health professionals when it comes to health issues. This is especially so when it comes to children.

So why would we trust other parents’ opinion over that of our medical practitioners? Have we lost so much faith in our health system? Do you think it is advisable to ask other parents other health issues instead of our doctors?

Medical advice offered by Facebook friends or strangers poses a substantial risk if the person or child is suffering from a more serious ailment that demands expert medical evaluation and care if that advice delays true medical attention.

This morning a concerned Mamalette asked for advice when she noticed that her 7 months baby had boil-like skin irritations on his hands and a lot of advice was given and some of this advice was pretty scary. While some people advised that she should go to the hospital to get a proper diagnosis, some advised her to use herbal mixtures and someone even went as far as to tell her to use kerosene on her baby’s body. Haba!

Self medication is strongly advised against in any situation not to talk of when it involves a baby. It is very sad to know that various people who don’t even know the name of the skin irritation would advise a mother on what to use for her baby. It is even more alarming that a mother would come to an online platform instead of going to the hospital. Let’s take note that our lives are very precious and should be guarded well not to talk of the children God has entrusted in our hands.

We at Mamalette believe that when it comes to health issues please consult your doctors. We are not a hospital even though we post health articles we recommend that you always consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis.



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