World Malaria Day, Malaria in Nigeria

Editorial Team

Hi Mamalettes, today is the World Malaria Day, 2017. This year’s global theme for World Malaria Day is End Malaria for Good. This is an occasion to highlight the need for continued investment and sustained political commitment for malaria prevention and control.

The Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole at an event to kick off the 2017 World Malaria Day in  Abuja said the country is far from reaching its goal of a ‘malaria-free Nigeria. However, the Government was determined to eliminate the disease by 2020, Oluwole said.

The Deputy Head of Mission, US Embassy, David Young urged Nigerians to sleep in treated net. Young also warned against the use of counterfeit or substandard drugs to cure malaria.

“Ending malaria for good is achievable if we play our individual and collective roles. Remember that malaria is preventable; ensure that you and all members of your household sleep under a treated bed net every night,” he said.

WHO is calling on malaria-affected countries and their development partners to boost investments in malaria prevention. In essence, the Organization is calling for greater funding for the development and spread of new tools.

Let therefore use preventive methods such as vector control, insecticide treated bed nets, insecticides and insect repellents.

Malaria preventive drugs that used to be very effective have become suspicious because there are a lot of counterfeit drugs that kill people even more than the parasite itself.

It is therefore important that we take preventive methods toward protecting ourselves against malaria. It is honestly the safer and cheaper way.





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