How Soon Can You Go Home After Giving Birth?

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One of the burning questions most mothers to be have is how long it would take for them to go home after delivery.

So we have gathered some information on medical expert’s opinion and also women who have given birth on how long it would be.   Researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine compiled data from 92 different countries on the length of time women stayed in hospital after birth.

The research revealed a huge variation in the time mothers stay in hospital – ranging from half a day in Egypt to almost 6.5 days in Ukraine. In the UK the average length of stay for new mothers is 12 hours; many women are discharged after only 6 hours. In Australia the average stay after birth is 3 days for public hospitals and 5 days for private.  

Emma Dufficy an hospital midwife said, if you have a straightforward vaginal birth, you and your baby could be at home within hours. If you have a caesarean, you can normally expect to stay in hospital for three days to four days. A longer stay is only necessary if you, or your baby, are unwell.

After a caesarean, your midwife will want to be sure you can:

  • walk to the toilet
  • do a wee without the need for a catheter
  • eat and drink without being sick

 When asked in a poll most women recounted their experience saying the only stayed for a maximum of 5 days while some stayed for several hours before they could go home. Some stated that they had to stay longer due to various factors such as fever, infection, their baby’s low weight and some other medical reasons.

Ultimately from what we have gathered for you, the period of time depends on your mode of delivery and how your body is responding to the effect of giving birth. Most parents want to go home as soon as possible because generally people don’t like hospitals and they just want to be alone with their babies in the space they have created.

For the safety of you and your child  we would suggest you pay attention to what your doctor says because he/she would be in the best position to let you know.

It is important you get all the information you would need concerning yourself and your baby to be able to ensure good health, things to look out for during the early stages before you go home.

So make sure you ask enough question and get adequate information before going home.



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