Introduction To Improving Your Kissing Skills 101

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Here's a free lesson on improving your kissing skills! Kissing is a very funky way to show your man all the love you feel, a heartfelt welcome and a sensual way to communicate your thoughts and feelings. A good kiss can send shivers of excitement down your man's spine but then again, when you've been married for a while, your kissing skills might have become rusty and need some polishing ( if you understand what I'm saying, say Amen!).


Okay, so reduced kissing or not kissing at all is bad for a relationship, kissing is a good way to maintain intimacy with your Oga and it wouldn't cost you a thing! Okay, it will cost you something; practise! Here's introducing you to a better kissing session between you and your man;

1. Work all the angles

There's more to kissing than just the lips, while your lower lip is attached to his upper lip, dig your hands into his hair (if he's bald, rub his head) and hold him in your arms with your body pressed against his crotch.

2. Clean up

In marriage, we often take things for granted, you can wake up early in the morning and give your man a kiss not minding that your breath smells like you ate locust beans the night before. Before kissing him, chew a minty gum or brush your teeth and give him a kiss with a fresh breath. He won't only love this kiss but also do the same.

3. Follow his lead or take the lead

When he wants to lord the kissing, allow him, don't fight him let him ravish you while you respond, meanwhile, go ahead and grab his butt while digging into his hair with the other hand. And if he's too slow in taking the lead, do! Initiate the kiss, nibble and cover all his mouth with kisses, then pause from time to time to kiss his neck, nibble it, then grab his butt and press his hard on against you. Go back to kissing him.

4. Give him feedback

You can talk positively about the kisses he gave you in the past and be particular about what you liked about the kisses the most so he'd know exactly what you like.


5. Communicate through your kisses

If your man just just back from work and you want to show him you miss him, a long kiss while whimpering is a good way to show this. If you want your man, kiss him gently at the start then slowly deepen it, while grinding and pressing yourself against him (you can even cup his crotch while kissing him to show him what you want to eat) that way he knows you're saying "after this kissing, I want you in me!"

  • When kissing your man, you have to let go of all distraction and focus on showing and giving him your love.
  • Remember, kissing doesn't mean you have to have sex, which is why you have to communicate exactly what you want through your kissing.
  • Have you ever kissed your husband in public before? No? Aw, kissing in public can be both exciting and make you both feel like youths again, but then if your man isn't game, don't do it so you don't feel embarrassed.
  • And finally, when kissing, close your eyes baby, that's the magic! If you want to concentrate on the moment close your eyes, smell the sweet manly scent of your Oga, feel his lips on yours, his body against your body and get into the mood of kissing.

Heavenly is the kiss given by a true heart and a loving spirit, don't let kissing die in your relationship Mamalette. Where's your glass of wine? Toast to a better kissing sessions y'all!



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