Can Pregnant Women Drink Zobo?


Here on Mamalette we often get pregnant women asking if it is safe to drink zobo while pregnant.

Zobo or Zoborodo is a Nigerian beverage made from dried hibiscus plant flowers. Zobo is usually served cold and because of its sour taste sugar and pineapple juice are often added to it. Zobo is not recommended for pregnant women in their first trimester or those who are undergoing fertility treatments. This is because it can lower levels of oestrogen in the body and can prompt menstruation which could ultimately lead to a miscarriage. Those in their first trimester especially should avoid drinking this drink. "Research on oestrogen, pregnancy and fertility performed at the Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology in India indicate the oestrogen qualities of the tea may interfere with healthy reproductive activity and affect childbearing and female fertility. Side effects from consuming hibiscus tea on fetuses are unclear." After the first trimester, when the pregnancy is established, zobo may be safe for pregnant women and could deliver some potential benefits. Can pregnant women drink cold water



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