When Should I Stop Being Naked Around My Kids?

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Growing up, my mum used to walk around naked around me and my brothers. Sometimes she might come out of the bathroom without a towel or ask us to come in if we wanted to ask her any question. Now although my mother did not have any problem with walking around naked my dad was the exact opposite. I really can’t remember any time when my dad ever walked around naked or dress up in front of me.

I don’t know maybe it was because I am the only girl or not but I know my dad was more discreet when it came to nudity compared to my mother. Even till today, my mum still walks around the house naked and leaves her bedroom door open when she is dressing. So even though I did not really see anything wrong in her being nude for a while it got to a stage whereby we started excusing her whenever she came out of the bathroom or wait for her to finish dressing up before having any conversation with her.

Now that I am a mum to my beautiful daughter, it has got me thinking when is the right time to stop being naked in front of my child? She is still very young and so we have not gotten to the stage whereby she can begin to ask me numerous questions about the human form and why I have certain parts and her dad doesn’t but still it has got me thinking.

It is very important to me especially in the world we are living in now that my child especially because she is a girl is comfortable in her skin. Apart from building her confidence in her body I also wonder when should my husband stop being naked and dressing up in front of her. Will it affect the way she views the opposite gender?

Therapist Dr. Lynn Fraley told Romper that allowing your kids to see you naked won't harm them at all. In fact, it could even be good for them.

"The few studies that have been done in this area have found that children who were exposed to parental nudity benefited from it," Fraley explained that, "Increased self-esteem and comfort with physical love and affection are present in households where children weren’t sheltered from the human body."

While like me there are a lot of parents who don’t have any problem being naked around their children. A lot of parents ask when they should stop being naked in front of their children. Some parents believe that it has nothing to do with age, while some children are not uncomfortable about it you would notice that some are uncomfortable with it from a very early age.

A father told Romper that, "It would be very difficult to teach children any sort of modesty and humility if a parent thought it OK to be naked in front of their children. While a blogger  Rita Templeton went viral when she said she wants her four sons ages 2, 5, 6 and 9 to see her naked, because she wanted her sons to see what "real" women look like before they are bombarded with an ideal in the media that doesn't match reality.

One thing I found out was that mothers are generally more comfortable being naked around their kids. While some parents feel it depends on the gender of the children meaning as a man you shouldn’t be naked in front of your daughter while a mum can be and vice versa. Some believe that you the moment your child starts becoming very conscious about your body parts is the point you should begin to become more discreet.

Fraley said that this approach of waiting for your kids to tell you know when it's time to cover up is spot-on. "I recommend that families take cues from their children. They will let you know what makes them feel uneasy and it is your responsibility to be aware of their feelings."

So as parents Do you still walk around naked around your kids? If No, at what age did you stop being naked in front of your kids and why?



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