My Mother-In-Law (MIL) Is Just Too Nosy

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Don’t get me wrong, i loveee my MIL like i would have loved my mother if she were to be alive but she can be overbearing at times . I lost my mom at a very tender age and ever since then, we’ve been taken care of  by my Dad. I grew up seeing my Dad functioning as both parents. So you can imagine how surprised I was when my Mil who stays just a few blocks away from mine, came to sleep on my matrimonial bed for a whole week! Her excuse was that she wants to be close to her children...Huh!?  Are you kidding me right now!?


My husband is an only son and the first child, he has a younger sister. Just like me, they grew up with just their Mom. There is this very strong bond between them, which  i knew of before i got married to my husband but i believe when we start having our own kids and my MIL start seeing her grandchildren, she would probably easen up but i was  totally wrong. It first started when she would leave her  home with my SIL to come to ours and spend the whole day and when it time to leave at night, she would say they will be passing the night that it's too late to go home. The part that gets me pissed the most is that despite the fact we stay in a two bedroom apartment , and there is a visitor’s room, she will suggest we should all sleep in the same room.

Like me, my husband and two kids on the bed, while she and her daughter to take the floor.


Of course, i won’t watch my MIL sleep on the floor, so i told her to come to the bed, while me and the kids went to sleep in the other room. So she slept right beside her son on the bed, while the sister slept on the floor. This has been going on for a while now and I've never complained to anyone, not even my husband. But the one she did last week was what got my husband pissed. She came over as usual with her daughter in tow.  After a long day, i was expecting her to leave, instead, she told her daughter to go home and bring the clothes they would wear for the next day. And that continued for THREE DAYS and you know what that means, we could not have sex in a period of 3days! Haa! Legal sex o...


My husband came in on the fourth night and he was like, “ha ha mummy you are still here, you've not left, I thought you would have gone nii o”? That was all the poor boy said and my MIL got angry that me and my husband convened to make her leave and she will leave. At first, i thought she was joking, not until she started packing her bags  and she told her daughter to do the same. I even tried to talk to her that even if she wants to leave, she should please finish her food but instead she turned to me to say she knows I'm the one behind all of these. My husband came to my defense but she still won’t hear any of it. She and her daughter stormed out angrily that night.


My husband told me not to worry about her that she would come around, and that what prompted him to tell her to leave was because on one of the nights they slept over, he rolled over to her and was grabbing her thinking it was me (mogbe!!!). He said he wasn’t sure if she noticed cos she was fast asleep but to him it was too weird and abnormal. So hence why he’s decided they should leave.

It’s not that I'm not happy they left, but I don’t want them to leave under the circumstance they did. She lives close by, we will get to see almost every day. How do I address this situation? Ssighs.



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