My Maid's Lover Has Been Coming To Visit Her In My Home

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My firstborn was just 6 months old.  I love my son but I was positive that a helper would help me achieve the perfect work-life balance. I even opted for a helper from my hometown so there wouldn’t be any cultural or culinary differences.

All was good until one day, I had to stay back home because I was sick. I was in the middle of my afternoon siesta when my sleep was rudely interrupted by the incessant ringing of my maid’s phone.  Since she was nowhere in sight, I attended the call myself.

‘How you dey?” a male voice spoke in . I smelt something fishy. I replied coyly. The act was short-lived though. The man disconnected as soon as he realized he was not speaking to his house help.

Later that evening, the maid was heavily interrogated by me and my hubby. All hell broke loose and the truth finally emerged. The maid revealed that her ‘friend’ would often come home and ‘spend time’ with her.

I never expected my maid’s lover to be visiting my home…

Looking back, I shudder to think of all her baby might have ‘seen’ and gone through when her maid’s lover visited her home. I knew the guy as a very notorious street boy that lived on the next street from us.

You often hear horror stories where babies are drugged to sleep with cough syrup by maids, for sheer convenience. My mind was distraught with fear just by the thought of many such possibilities. 

Of course, no time was wasted and the maid was sent back to her hometown. 

Of course,  helpers are human beings too and are entitled to a love life.

Where monitoring your maid is concerned, we think that the following pointers may be helpful:

  • Use of CCTV Cameras : These days, it is not uncommon for employers here to use closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to keep an eye on their maids, especially those left at home with the elderly or young children. They use CCTVs to deter their maids from abusing family members or to ensure that no stranger enters their homes. 
  • Lay out your rules and regulations at the very start: Be honest with your maid. Tell her frankly at the very onset what works and what does not, in your household. Let her know the repercussions of not following the ground rule
  • Maintain good neighbourly relations:  Good neighbours look out for you and warn you in case they see something suspicious. 
  • Watch your baby closely: When you are at home, monitor your baby closely. Is he always sad and cranky or sleepier than normal? These may be signs that something is amiss.

Mamalettes, have you ever had a similar experience with your maid? Is your maid’s lover on your list of worries?

This article was written by Jaya For The Asian Parent