Keep Your Home Safe From Domestic Staff Imposters

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House helps that steal money and jewelry, nannies that mistreat kids, cooks who grill the rice you meant to boil and drivers who connive with kidnappers to abduct employers and other members of their family perpetrate these crimes because they assume that they can remain anonymous and move on to another unsuspecting victim.

These low cadre staffs exploit the inability of the public to co-operate and share information. Our platform enables the discerning public to cooperate to deter crime, and increase the level of accountability that keep our homes safe and businesses secure.

KYS (KnowYourStaff), a web and mobile application is a trusted platform that allows employers cooperate by uploading staff information to a central database, appraise them periodically, reward or reprimand with badges and awards etc.

In the process, we will be collaborating to create a pool of low-cadre staff information that is easily accessible to all users in the KYS community.

When we all register our staff with the free KYS (KnowYourStaff), we are cooperating to keep our families safe and businesses secure. Share this to all your friends and loved ones, let us work together and make it harder for imposters to wreck havoc in our homes and businesses.

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