Effect Of Divorce On The Health Of Children

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When a divorce is going through divorce the people most affected are usually the children. Children are usually scarred in a lot of ways after a divorce and it is usually worsened if the divorce was nasty and if the parents are not cordial during and after the divorce. This usually affects the children involved from childhood into adulthood.

The emotional and psychological effect of divorce on children has been noticed over the years but  according to PunchNg, a new study involving 201 healthy adults who agreed to be quarantined, exposed to a virus that causes the common cold, and monitored for five days has shown that divorce also affects the health of the child for years.

It was noticed that those whose parents had separated and had not spoken to each other for years were three times as likely to get sick, compared to those whose parents had separated but had stayed in touch as the children grew.

Previous research has shown that adults whose parents separated during childhood have an increased risk for poorer health. The latest study showed that this higher risk of illness is due, at least in part, to heightened inflammation in response to a viral infection, the report said.

The study also showed that the adult children of parents who had separated but stayed in touch were no more likely to get sick than the adult children of intact families.

Our results target the immune system as an important carrier of the long-term negative impact of early family conflict,” said Sheldon Cohen, a co-author and professor of psychology.

“They also suggest that all divorces are not equal, with continued communication between parents buffering deleterious effects of separation on the health trajectories of the children.”

It is really sad to know that it is possible for divorce to have a detrimental effect on the physical and psychological health on the children involved. It just brings to light the fact that the people most affected by divorce are the children.




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