Rules To Follow When Visiting A New Mum And Her Baby

Editorial Team

Last week, my friend gave birth to a baby boy and I was so excited when she said I should come visit her while she was still in the hospital, I would not have gone otherwise. We have been close friends since secondary, I got married before her and had kids before her too so you can imagine my excitement when she gave birth. As a fairly experienced mum lol, I already knew from experience that there were some things to take note of when visiting her.

However when we spoke yesterday she told me that from the stories she has been reading online(how she finds time to still surf the net is beyond me) about the baby that contracted herpes from a kiss, she was scared about people coming to visit her. But seeing as she cannot ban people from coming to visit her, how was she going to prevent people from being inappropriate? This brought about the question of rules to follow when visiting a new mum and her baby?

This are the things to take note of when visiting a new mum and her baby

  • First thing to take note of is Stay Away from a new mum and her baby if you are sick. They are both very vulnerable especially the new baby and so for their safety it is better that you don't go visiting if you are sick.
  • Always be sure to ask a new mom when she'd like you to come visit, make you you go at a time that is convenient for her not a time that is convenient for you.
  • Help out, even if you are staying just for few hours, help wash the plates, do her laundry if possible, bring her favourite food don't just go there and eat her food,. Focus on the mum and her baby.
  • Take gifts, don't just go there empty handed, take gifts for her and her baby that you know would be useful
  • Ask in advance if she wants visitors, when you visit don’t overstay your welcome and respect her privacy when visiting.
  • Don't say you don't like her baby’s name even if you don’t.
  • Wait to be offered to hold the baby, most women would not be able to say no if you ask to hold the baby especially if you are family so just wait and let her offer. Also know that when to give the baby back, I know it’s nice to hold a newborn baby but take note to give the baby back and don't run off with the baby.   
  • Don't expect too much from the mum, she might be too tired to have much of a conversation. She may be having issues breastfeeding, going through a lot of emotions, she is still recovering so don't expect too much from her just be there to help out.

Take note of all this rules and trust me they would be requesting for your presence more, this rules would especially apply if you plan to stay for a longer period of time.